Star Wars to Furby: Hasbro has it all

Star Wars to Furby: Hasbro has it all

Remember the Furby? Well, it’s back and better than ever. Hasbro, Pawtucket, R.I., has reinvented the Furby ($39.99) using emoto-tronics technology, making it more vibrant, expressive, and humorous than the previous version. Through advanced voice recognition, the Furby can listen to what a child says and respond based on its mood, either in English or its native Furbish. It has six times the memory of the original and can sing, tell jokes, dance, and express a full range of emotions from happy to sad and even mad. Furby’s eyes open and close, its ears move, and it can smile, frown, and move its beak when speaking. Finally, to prove they listen to consumer suggestions, the creature now has an off switch, so he won’t break into song in the middle of the night.

Star Wars fans of all ages will love the Star Wars Miniatures Revenge of the Sith Starter Game ($29.95). Designed for two players, it contains six painted miniatures and everything you need to start playing now. Gamers can struggle against the dark side as they collect characters, challenge friends to battle anywhere in the galaxy, as well as relive their favorite “Star Wars” scenes or create new ones.

Add to the collection with the Miniatures Universe Huge Pack ($19.99).

Each booster pack contains six standard miniatures and one huge miniature from the Star Wars universe. These collectibles are randomized, prepainted, fully assembled, and made of durable plastic. It also contains full-color game stat cards.

Children can enjoy the plot and characters of the popular “Kids Next Door” animated series by playing the Codename: Kids Next Door Trading Card Game ($8.99). The simple rules allow individuals to join a group of 10-year-old operatives dedicated to freeing children from the tyrannical rule of powerful adult villains. Recommended for six- to eight-year-olds, the game includes two 20-card decks, two stickahs sheets and scene cards to stick them on, playmat, and a bonus 7-card booster pack. Additional booster packs can be purchased for $2.99.

Golf fun comes to the television screen with the Wild Adventure Mini Golf Game ($39.99). Just plug the base into your TV and swing the putter to visit six adventure-filled courses including Outer Space, Pirate’s Reef, and Festival Fun. Whether competing against friends or playing solo, kids can choose from 10 different characters as they strive to sink that putt.

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