New Products & Services

New Products & Services

Videoscope features compact and rugged design

Iplex FX, the new generation of Iplex videoscope systems, features a more compact, full-featured video borescope, combining portability and military ruggedness. Tested to military standards, the Iplex FX can be carried over the shoulder for easy access in harsh environments.

The Iplex FX is a battery-operated system that is MIL-STD 810F-compliant (a military standard) to withstand repetitive 4-ft drop tests and resistant to rain, dust, sand and other environmental conditions. With a sealed, magnesium alloy chassis and protective rubber bumpers, the mechanically stronger design adds durability for lower frequency of repairs and lower cost of ownership.

The Iplex FX offers:

* Standard digital imaging controls for image quality and detail definition

* Still image and movie recording to internal and removable recording media

* SmartTip Automatic Tip Recognition Technology that automatically adjusts settings to match the tip adapter optics and parameters

* Interchangeable tip adapters for versatility and flexibility of inspection

* Stereo measurement for accurate, three-dimensional defect measurement at any target angle

* Interchangeable scopes, with lengths up to 18 m

* A power-assisted manual articulation and precision control

* Removable, internal battery providing over two hours of system power

(Olympus Industrial America, Inc., Orangeburg, New York,

Extending dewpoint measurement range

The Drycap dewpoint transmitter DMT152 now uses a polymer sensor technology that combines the stability and durability of the existing thin-film polymer Drycap sensor with an expanded range to -112°F dewpoint. Before the launch of this new technology, polymer sensors could measure dewpoint temperatures up to -76°F, which precluded their use in dry gases found in Class I compressed air systems or in some plastics drying systems. Polymer sensors are known for their ability to withstand condensation and to recover from liquid water exposure. The Drycap DMT152 technology enables these advantages to be used in dry measurement ranges.

The Drycap DMT152 comes with NIST traceable calibration certificate and can be delivered in less that a week. More information is available for the DMT152, including operation, installation and pricing.

(Vaisala, Helsinki, Finland,

Flame scanner generates fast responses

The FL3111HT UV flame detector operates in temperatures up to 125°C (257°F), which makes it suitable for use in demanding process and plant environments. The FL3111HT senses flames only in the UV spectral range, which allows it to recognize a flame within 100 milliseconds. The design features Continuous Optical Path Monitoring (COPM) that self-checks the optical path integrity and electronics once every minute to ensure proper operation.

Applications include gas turbines, generator sets, natural gas compressor stations, solvent extraction and chemical processes. The FL3111HT’s electronics are integral within its stainless steel explosion-proof housing, allowing detector information to be processed at the point of detection.

(General Monitors, Lake Forest, CA, www.generalmonitors. com)

Leading shaft currents from bearing to ground

The Aegis iPRO shaft grounding ring channels harmful shaft currents away from bearings to ground. The maintenance-free split ring prevents damage that could otherwise cause generator or motor failure, unplanned downtime, costly repairs, and lost revenues. The shaft-grounding ring comes in mating halves to facilitate field retrofits on coupled equipment. With multiple rows of conductive microfibers surrounding the shaft – millions of discharge points for harmful shaft currents – it can be used for any high-current application, including medium-voltage motors over 1,000 hp and controlled by variable frequency drives.

(Electro Static Technology, Mechanic Falls, ME,

Detecting hot spots using imaging camera

The model HS11200 is a thermal imaging camera costing less than $2,500. This camera, encased in the same impact resistant housing as the HSI3000 Series, provides a real-time thermal image for quick fault detection combined with a center spot, non-contact temperature measurement function. A trigger-activated laser pointer insures pinpoint identification of hot spots. Report writing software allows the user to insert multiple images, with data taken during a site survey to produce an inspection report. The HSI1200 measures the temperature of all 256 pixels that are displayed on the camera. This thermal imager weighs 1.54 lbs and is designed for hand-held use.

(Palmer Wahl, Asheville, NC,

Sensors for angular measurements

The RSE 1500 Series consists of contactless, fractional-turn, rotary position sensors that provide an absolute output proportional to shaft rotation over a range of up 120°. The sensors can measure angular displacement of rotating elements, such as quarter-turn ball and butterfly valves and air flow dampers.

Although their shafts can rotate a full 360°, the RSE 1500 Series Rotary RVDT Position Sensors measure shaft angle position over a nominal range of 120°. Units can operate in 0° to 30°, 60°, 90°, or 120° rotation ranges. And they exhibit a linearity error of less than 0.10% of full range output while operating over temperatures from 0°F to 185°F (-20°C to 85°C).

(Macro Sensors, Mt. Olive, NJ,

Evaluating bearing isolators

The Return On Investment Calculation Worksheet. (ROI/WS) is a downloadable spreadsheet module that allows users of pumps and motors to quantify the effectiveness of bearing isolators when applied to rotating equipment. Once completed, it allows plants to calculate their own return on investment relative to the use of bearing isolators, including benchmarks of current repair costs and the effect of doubling the reliability of their rotating equipment. The end-user plugs in his or her respective numbers to benchmark the amount of repairs and maintenance dollars saved by installing bearing isolators. Data entered includes: number of pumps and motors in operation; bearing isolator per unit costs; and the average Meantime Between Failures (MTBF). The worksheet then calculates the actual costs of the bearing isolators, taking MTBF and previous maintenance histories into consideration. The bearing isolator is a non-contacting type labyrinth seal that replaces sealing methods (lip, contact, face, dual face). The bearing isolator is said to never wear out.

(Inpro/Seal Company, Rock Island, IL,

Detecting gases in obscure environments

The SafEye Xenon 800 gas detection system detects a range of hydrocarbons over an open path of up to 120 m. The system is resistant to false alarms and poisoning. A combination of triple optics and dual-spectrum sensors allows the system to maintain operational integrity in up to 90% signal obscuration.

(MSA North America, Pittsburgh, PA,

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