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In the battle for one of the most contested seats in the Legislature, Sen. Dave Jackson, R-Topeka, got a little help from the anti-tax gods.

But like much else during campaign season, it came with some quibbling.

Americans for Prosperity, a national anti-tax group with a chapter in Kansas, recently blanketed Jackson’s North Topeka district with postcards saying the first-term senator has “stood against higher taxes and bigger government.”

But Democrats say the postcard is misleading because it notes the Legislature voted to increase taxes in 2002 and proposed numerous tax plans in 2004. Then the ad implies Jackson stood against those tax increases.

Jackson voted for the $252 million tax package that passed in 2002. He has explained his vote as an effort to maintain school funding during a state budget crisis.

In any event, Senate Minority Leader Anthony Hensley, D-Topeka, sent a letter to Americans for Prosperity director Alan Cobb, saying: “The voters in Kansas deserve the truth. I would hope your organization would make sure that this error is corrected.”

Cobb said the tax increase proposals were included on the postcard only to put the issue of taxes in context. He said it was most relevant that Jackson consistently opposed tax increases during the 2004 session.

“I’ll stand by it,” he said.

Jackson is opposed by Democrat Laura Kelly, who has raised more money during the campaign.

Dave Jackson

applauded by Americans for Prosperity

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