CAM software is added to ONA wire EDMs

CAM software is added to ONA wire EDMs

DP Technology Corp, Camarillo, CA, and ONA, a Spain-based manufacturer of wire EDM machines, have signed an agreement that solidifies Esprit’s dominance in the CAM for wire EDM world marketplace. ONA has agreed to distribute Esprit, DP Technology’s best selling Windows-based CAM software, with its EDM machines.

DP Technology adds ONA to a number of EDM manufacturers that endorse, recommend, or distribute Esprit for use with its machines, including Mitsubishi, Agie, Sodick, and Makino. Fanuc and Charmilles currently package Esprit with its machines sold throughout the US.

DP Technology has customized ONA input screens, making the interface easy to use. Terminology specific to ONA machine tools and only parameters relevant to ONA machines are displayed, making the software highly personalized, and simple to use and operate. Esprit’s generative machining also provides greater levels of automation by providing cutting strategies that ONA users already work with, such as multiple rough and skim cuts. Various parameters like glue stops are automatically inserted.

As part of the agreement, DP Technology has included an exclusive plug-andplay ONA post-processor that speeds up programming time and ensures correct and accurate code. Endusers of ONA wire EDM machines enter machining parameters such as material, height, criteria, number of cuts, and technology and the Esprit software processes the job.

Appropriate files and formats are generated based on specifications from ONA, specifying cutting conditions such as flushing, power settings, offsets, and feedrate parameters.

For additional information call DP Technology at 805-3886000; or on the web: http://www.DPTech

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