Volmar Hydrogen Systems named H2O 2000 distributor

Volmar Hydrogen Systems named H2O 2000 distributor

Dennis Klein, president and CEO of Hydrogen Technology Applications, Inc., announced the appointment of Joe Volmar, long-time Toledo businessman, as a distributor for the company.

Operating in Michigan and Ohio under the name of Volmar Hydrogen Systems, LLC, of Dundee, Michigan, Volmar will be demonstrating a revolutionary new product, the H2O 2000 Hydrogen Gas Generator. The H2O 2000 creates its own fuel, a unique, hybrid hydrogen-oxygen gas, on demand from water and electricity through a proprietary electrolysis process, according to the company. The H2O 2000 is a costeffective, multi-use energy source for any industry soldering, brazing, heat-treating or cutting steel. This machine was discovered and perfected by Dennis Klein’s brother, Toledo resident Tony Klein, and is being manufactured in Cleveland, Ohio under his supervision.

“After three years of research, development and testing, the H2O 2000 has been continuously refined and is now being made available for sale throughout the world” stated Klein. “The H2O 2000 in itself is a highly innovative product, yet we believe that, of greater significance, is the opportunity it presents to introduce its underlying technology to the world.”

According to the company, the H2O 2000 is powered by standard 220 volt cur-rent and can operate continuously on one liter of water for approximately 18 hours. The H2O 2000 is compact, portable, safe, economical to operate, environmentally friendly and 100% nonpolluting. The H2O 2000 efficiently performs most conventional welding and cutting operations and excels at difficult and exotic welding functions. The machine also executes certain welding procedures such as the combination of dissimilar metals, such as brass and aluminum, which cannot be done with cur-rent ordinary and specialty welding devices.

According to the company, the H2O 2000 offers substantial operating cost savings over traditional welding and cutting methods by eliminating the need for costly conventional gases such as acetylene and oxygen, reducing gas storage and transport costs, increasing employee efficiency through working environment improvement and lowering premium costs for workers compensation insurance. The H2O 2000 is the standard commercial model.

Headquartered in Clearwater, Florida, Hydrogen Technology Applications, Inc. is a privately-held technology company.

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