Noschang, Mary C

“Visit us on the Web.” You see those words everywhere these days: on print advertisements, in television ads, and on product packages from computer software to cereal. (My curiosity got the better of me and I did visit the Kellogg’s site at the invitation of Snap, Crackle, and Pop.) And now I invite you to visit Today’s Catholic Teacher online at

No recipes, nutritional hints, or special offers there; but you will find the text of some of the most popular feature articles from our recent pages. If you’ve missed any or want to go back to a favorite, you’ll find it on the Web site. We also offer a complete index of published articles; writer’s guidelines for those of you who have an article in mind that you’d like to see in print; and a chat area so that you can reach other members of the Catholic educational community with feedback about articles, suggestions, and comments about the issues of the day.

Something else you’ll find is the downloadable Leader’s Guide for this year’s Educator Development Series titled “Faith Community in Catholic Schools-A Program of Spirituality for Teachers.” Msgr. Ted L. Wojcicki of St. Louis and colleagues have put together a series of articles that will provide the text foundation for a series of community-building sessions for the faculty and staff of your school. The series, which begins on page 36 of this issue, is an excellent agent for building the kind of faith community of teachers and learners targeted in the mission statement of every Catholic school. The Leader’s Guide will assist any member of the group in preparing and facilitating sessions for maximum benefit. So pick up your Leader’s Guide from the Web and schedule your first meeting (for those without access to the Internet, see instructions on page 37 for obtaining a print Leader’s Guide).

Something else you’ll find in this issue as well as on the Web site is the announcement, complete with entry form, of our second annual Catholic Schools for Tomorrow Awards for Innovations in Technology. We’re very proud of our first year’s awardees and we’re looking for 12 more Catholic schools to honor as Catholic Schools for Tomorrow. Anyone can nominate; so tell us about your school, a school in your diocese, or any Catholic school which has implemented innovative ways of bringing the benefits of technology to its learning community. The entry deadline is November 15, which sounds far in the future as I write; but we all know how things keep popping once the school year takes off. So schedule some time to prepare your nomination and brag about the achievements of your favorite Catholic school.

Finally, I want to take a moment to brag a little about Today’s Catholic Teacher and thank the Catholic Press Association for an honor we greatly appreciate. In its annual journalism awards, the Association awarded Today’s Catholic Teacher first place for general excellence among professional magazines. We will proudly display the award winner’s logo in our masthead this year to remind our readers and ourselves of our commitment to continue to attain the level of content and design excellence that earned us this award.

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