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USAF Inspector’s Course

Jackie Nickols

The USAF Inspector’s Course is a mobile training program administered by the Secretary of the Air Force Inspector General Inspections Directorate (SAF/IGI) that targets both permanent and augmenting major command IG team members.

The one-day course provides the Air Force-level perspective on the inspection system and prepares inspectors for the important job they are about to assume.

The course begins with an overview of the Air Force inspection system, covering the mission, responsibilities, philosophy and types of inspections. Since preparation is key to a successful inspection, an entire module is dedicated to becoming as prepared as possible prior to the inspection.

The focus module of the course, Conducting Inspections, covers areas such as inspecting and interviewing techniques, validation, sampling, and common pitfalls. Instructors also address categorizing observations as strengths and weaknesses, and writing sound inspection reports. The course culminates in a practical exercise that reinforces evaluating observations.


The course provides a macro view of the inspection system, and, since MAJCOM missions vary greatly, MAJCOM IG approaches vary in response. As a direct result of student suggestions, SAF/IGI began developing brief MAJCOM-specific modules designed to bridge that gap between the Air Force course and the variations in MAJCOM IG procedures. MAJCOMs were polled to help SAF/IGI develop MAJCOM-specific modules for those MAJCOMs that expressed interest. Modules for AMC, AETC and PACAF have already been developed and delivered.

In addition to the standard end-of-course survey, a second survey was developed. Many new students have no inspection experience and are, therefore, unable to assess the usefulness of the training until after an inspection or two. The second survey, which is preaddressed to SAF/IGI, allows these new inspectors to provide feedback after putting a few inspections under their belts.


The course is delivered at each MAJCOM location once or twice a year but is also offered at other locations when fiscally efficient, such as Elmendorf AFB, Alaska, and Kadena AB, Japan. Organizations not affiliated with MAJCOM IGs can also request a session of the course if they are willing to fund; these requests will be satisfied whenever possible.

Although the course is designed for newly-assigned MAJCOM IG team members and augmentees, others, such as exercise evaluation teams (EET) and standardization/evaluation team members, can attend on a space-available basis. Students should contact the POC for the MAJCOM course they are interested in attending. The current schedule, scheduling procedures, and MAJCOM course points of contact are on the SAF/IGI Web site at

Way Ahead

SAF/IGI continues to develop MAJCOM-specific modules for those interested MAJCOMs and works closely with MAJCOM POCs to ensure the latest MAJCOM information is presented.

In response to student requests, more hands-on activities are being explored for the course. An exercise aimed at improving writing skills is in development.

SAF/IGI is committed to providing the best possible instruction to prepare newly assigned MAJCOM inspectors to accomplish their mission: conduct an independent assessment of the readiness and compliance of our Air Force units.



SAF/IGI is looking for a new course director, available to report in March or April 2004. For more information about this job opening or the USAF Inspectors Course, contact Capt. Jackie Nickols at DSN 425-1534, or send her an e-mail.

Capt. Jackie Nickols SAF/IGI

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