The Inspector General: Survey results

Survey results

TIG Brief has just concluded a readership survey that gives the staff a statistically valid gold mine of data from which to draw conclusions and improve the magazine so that it better meets readers’ needs.

The survey involved mailing questionnaires to subscribers and compiling 860 responses. That’s a 30 percent return rate–excellent for a voluntary survey of this kind.

Respondents came from a broad spectrum of career fields, with the majority falling into the categories of support and operations.

Fifty-four percent of respondents were active duty, 11 percent Reserve, 11 percent Air National Guard, and 25 percent civilian. According to the survey, most of our readers are in the middle ranks: major to colonel, 33 percent; master to chief master sergeant, 19; and GS-9 to 15, 16. Sixteen percent were commanders, 29 percent supervisors and 26 percent staff members.

Here is a synopsis of the survey. Questions about the results can be referred to (505) 846-2946 (DSN 246) or e-mail

* On a scale of 1 to 7, rate the overall quality of TIG Brief.




* On a scale of 1 to 7, rate how much, if at all, TIG Brief articles have helped you in your job.




* On a scale of 1 to 7, rate the variety of topics and information presented in TIG Brief.




* Do you look to TIG Brief as a source of credible, reliable information?




* How do you receive TIG Brief?

Direct postal mail–76.1%

* Readers’ picks for favorite material in TIG Brief


2nd–Signature Articles

3rd–Legal Features


5th–Ask the IG

* What is your opinion about the use of graphics and color in the magazine?

Just the right amount–90.7%


A number of survey respondents added specific suggestions on a wide range of topics covering the many aspects of the Air Force mission affected by the inspection arena. Here’s a sampling of your comments. We can’t promise to get to them all, but “we’re gonna try!”

–Start a letters to the editor section. Editor’s note: We’re starting one to air your comments and suggestions throughout the year. Please e-mail your comments to

–Include more crossfeed articles and maybe more best practices.

–Actual events stories on the impact on the mission and people involved.

–Expand the Ask the IG section

–More ORI-UCI-NSI “I was there” types of articles from inspector point of view.

–More AF-wide examples of problems, including how some have been remedied.

–Crossflow information between commands and agencies, command spotlight.

–More stories from the trenches, more input from troops on the job.

–Provide more in-depth discussion of findings

–Expand IG complaints.

–Publish special issue (flying, maintenance, ammo, medical, etc).

–Section dedicated to ANG Wing IGs.

–Trends from past inspections.

–More info on base level issues.

–Reference some problems and solutions to airspace issues.

–Identify IG inspection problem areas that keep recurring.

–More inspection preparation tips.

–Add input from DoD or other joint sources.

–More case studies.

–More articles pertaining to the civilian work force.

–More Guard and Reserve articles.

–Explore broader scope of the Air Force mission.

–Articles on transformation and pitfalls to avoid while transforming.

Thanks for helping make TIG Brief a must-read publication for commanders, supervisors and inspectors throughout the Air Force!

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