The Inspector General: Spotlight unique air force organizations: mission brief: Air Force Civil Engineering Support Agency

Spotlight unique air force organizations: mission brief: Air Force Civil Engineering Support Agency

The Air Force Civil Engineer Support Agency supports base-level civil engineer units and major commands worldwide.

The agency offers functional expertise for almost every facet of Air Force civil engineering, from contingency and technical support to the challenges of daily operations. AFCESA also helps provide base civil engineers with the right equipment and concepts to accomplish the mission, which includes maintaining flightlines for the world’s most respected air and space force; maintaining housing and dormitories for our Air Force members and families; and meeting the full spectrum of infrastructure needs on Air Force bases.

AFCESA serves element leaders, flight chiefs, base civil engineers, major command civil engineers, and civilian colleagues doing civil engineering business with the Air Force. Via phone or Web site, AFCESA finds answers to customers’ questions and gives sound advice on any CE matter.

In addition to meeting day-to-day engineering challenges on Air Force bases, AFCESA maximizes air base readiness by providing professional and technical expertise and providing and fielding technology products to support the base civil engineer in normal day-to-day functions as well as contingency, disaster relief and humanitarian operations.

Headquartered at Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla., AFCESA employs more than 200 military, civilian and contractor personnel. The agency provides products and services in seven major product areas: readiness; training; vehicles and equipment; management practices; automation support; technical support; and research, development and acquisition consultation. Civil engineering leads the Air Force in training largely because of AFCESA’s effort to provide training systems that ensure mission capable military and civilian engineers. The agency’s vision is to use the latest technologies to provide mission ready training in the CE work force using state-of-the-art technology such as computer-based training and multimedia training systems.

AFCESA helps provide base civil engineers with the best equipment and vehicles at the lowest possible cost. The agency’s management analysts provide workforce multipliers and productivity enhancements to help base civil engineers do he job better, faster and cheaper. The contract support team clearly leads the way in enhancing base civil engineers’ capabilities through delivery of superior service contract, outsourcing and privatization tools. AFCESA continues to excel in its efforts to bed down the next generation base CE computer automation system to keep civil engineers in the fast lane of the automation superhighway. The agency has managed the installation of local area networks for CE units at Air Force bases worldwide and is actively engaged in developing future generations of CE software.

The agency’s unique team of professional engineers and technicians provides highly specialized technical support for a full range of infrastructure systems and programs in support of Air Force initiatives.

AFCESA provides the bridge between major commands and base civil engineers’ requirements and product development by serving as the user’s technical representative.

The agency also:

* ensures all CE specialists are trained and equipped to deploy anywhere in the world

* coordinates with war planners from the Air Force and other services to ensure engineer forces are accurately reflected in U.S. war plans,

* operates the Civil Engineer Operations Readiness Center, coordinating engineer support activities worldwide,

* provides explosive ordnance disposal support,

* prepares and coordinates civil engineer instructions and technical publications,

* determines manpower, training and equipment requirements,

* oversees distribution of newly developed equipment and EOD specialized systems, and

* assists in research, development and acquisition of new civil engineering technologies.


The agency provides executive leadership, functional management and technical guidance and assistance for all Air Force fire protection activities, operations and resources; oversight responsibility for fire protection research and development and immediate supervision of the Department of Defense firefighter certification program.


AFCESA manages all Air Force-level Prime BEEF and RED HORSE programs; administers of the Air Force Contract Augmentation Program; and plans and executes the biennial combat support contingency skills competition known as Readiness Challenge.

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