Two for TMN

Two for TMN – Microtec’s acquisition of telecommunications management network systems vendor Open Networks Engineering

Chris Bucholtz

Microtec’s acquisition of ONE could help network devices smarten up

The acquisition of a telecommunications management network systems vendor by a maker of open embedded software development tools could signal a new source of complete management solutions for telecommunications equipment vendors.

Mentor Graphics, the parent company of Microtec, has acquired Open Networks Engineering, and officials from the two companies say they will work closely to integrate their products.

“By bringing TMN from ONE to embedded systems in a turnkey fashion, our customers are going to be able to accelerate their time to profit and lower their development costs,” said Vin Ratford, chief operating officer of Santa Clara, Calif.-based Microtec. “[Microtec and ONE] have been working together since 1995, and that gives us a good basis to create a complete turnkey-embedded TMN product, which the industry lacks at this point.”

Historically, equipment manufacturers have had to integrate TMN-specific capabilities into their overall embedded software development environments. This involved assembling the necessary TMN protocols, microprocessor operating system and software development tools from multiple vendors, as well as licensing and porting source code, which is usually costly.

ONE’s Foundation TMN products will be available as an integrated component of Microtec’s Spectra software development system, providing developers with the components required to build TMN from a single source, the two companies said. “The combination of the two will significantly decrease the time, cost and risk of building TMN compliance into telecommunications equipment,” said Bruce Baker, president of ONE, Ann Arbor, Mich.

Carriers will benefit from less hardware and software for network management and “the increased functionality that native TMN typically provides over adapted or proprietary management interfaces,” said Baker.

The companies’ goal is to streamline device-by-device management for equipment vendors. Microprocessors embedded inside switching, transmission and access equipment can use applications created with Microtec’s Spectra development system to provide inexpensive and precise methods of measuring network performance, even as new services are introduced.

The Foundation TMN product includes a real-time agent developer toolkit based on object-oriented technology – an important factor in Microtec’s decision to acquire the company.

One analyst said the integration of TMN with quick and economical interfaces could help speed the widespread introduction of intelligent network devices, which could help carriers monitor their networks more effectively.

“TMN standards solve real business problems, and an easier-to-integrate TMN solution will enable equipment manufacturers to better satisfy their customers’ requirements,” said Robert Rosenberg, president of Insight Research, Livingston, N.J.


An exclusive Web site feature by David Miller. As carriers grapple with broadband network management issues, a thorough understanding of TMN will ease the transition to the intelligent surveillance of broadband networks.

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