Numbers Crunched

Numbers Crunched

5 Approximate size (in billions of dollars) of the 2003 broadband customer premises market [superscript]1

10 Percentage that customer service plays in the decision by high-end data consumers to switch to bundled offerings [superscript]2

10 Amount (in millions of dollars) of broadband investment in Mississippi in 2003 as mandated by the state legislature’s Mississippi Broadband Technology Development Act [superscript]3

10 Monthly cost (in dollars) of broadband provider DSLi’s most basic voice-over-IP plan [superscript]4

10 Estimated number (in millions) of broadband users in China, the world’s largest broadband access market [superscript]5

Sources: [superscript]1 In-Stat/MDR; [superscript]2 JD Power and Associates; [superscript]3 Holly Springs South Reporter; [superscript]4 DSLi; [superscript]5

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