Intelligence From The Broadband Economy – Brief Article

Intelligence From The Broadband Economy – Brief Article – Industry Overview

Byline: Kevin Fitchard

According to new data from The Yankee Group, the U.S. market has finally achieved 50% penetration, reaching a milestone long surpassed by many European and Asian countries. Or maybe not. Yankee Group wireless analyst Roger Entner said foreign carriers’ methods of tracking their subscribers tend to inflate their overall subscriber numbers. European and Asian carriers often track a prepaid customer as a subscriber for more than a year after they first purchase a batch of minutes. That subscriber could purchase minutes with another carrier and often return to the original carrier during that one-year period, causing carriers to record one individual several times. “Some Asian countries have 101% penetration,” Entner said. “Explain to me how that happens.” The U.S. may not be as far behind as everyone thinks, Entner said.

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