Intelligence From The Broadband Economy

Intelligence From The Broadband Economy

Kevin Fitchard

Byline: Kevin Fitchard

The day hasn’t yet come in which we’re purchasing soft drinks from vending machines with our cell phones, and it’s not likely to come anytime soon. But according to a new study by Telecom Trends, other forms of m-commerce, albeit less sexy ones, are starting to make inroads in the mobile community. In fact, Telecom Trends analysts Susan Welsh de Grimaldo and Naqi Jaffery estimate that almost 100 million people are mobile commerce users today, and their numbers are expected to more than double. Most of them tend to be concentrated in Europe and Asia, and most seem to be consuming mainly digital content or absorbing whatever marketing promotions or advertising that carriers or their partners are tossing at them. But that business model is accounting for $6.8 billion in revenue today. In 2008, it will account for half a trillion bucks, according to the Telecom Trends report. And as for buying that can of soda with your cell phone? Well, it just might happen. Telecom Trends gives point-of-service commerce 3% of the market in 2008.

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