Carrier Puts Faith In Beliefnet, Trilibis – U.S. Cellular

Carrier Puts Faith In Beliefnet, Trilibis – U.S. Cellular – Brief Article

Dan O’Shea

Byline: Dan O’Shea

U.S. Cellular is announcing a mobile community service application this week based on the BeliefNet online multi-faith spiritual community, with assistance from MCS architecture developer Trilibis.

The application for users of U.S. Cellular’s CDMA 1xRTT easyedge data network uses the Trilibis solution to let BeliefNet members communicate via SMS, MMS and IM, as well as connect to various services available through the online community.

“This is more than just blogging or SMS,” said Tom Paddon, CEO of Trilibis, the San Diego-based company behind the m-Community Engine that supports the BeliefNet MCS. The software engine runs on Qualcomm’s BREW platform, which is used by U.S. Cellular in its easyedge data offering.

Trilibis’ engine also supports online dating and other applications by BREW-based operators, including Verizon Wireless, Alltel and Midwest Wireless. However BeliefNet is Trilibis’ first affiliation with a true online community.

“There are about 3.9 million users of BeliefNet, so the scalability of our system is very important,” Paddon said.

He added that the application resulted from U.S. Cellular contacting Trilibis about supporting a faith-based MCS. Trilibis already was working with BeliefNet to develop a mobile extension for the online community.

U.S. Cellular confirmed the launch and said it would charge $4.99 per month to add BeliefNet to an existing easyedge service plan. The carrier would not comment further on the service.

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