Marketing automation software from DataMind

Marketing automation software from DataMind

Properly targeting a constantly changing market audience has long been a challenge for even the bestplanned marketing campaigns. This often means that campaigns that have been months in planning are obsolete by the time they are launched. At other times, perhaps a different, time-sensitive campaign may be superseding the script the call center agent currently has displayed, or an agent may not yet have been trained on a recently implemented cross- or upsell offer for which the caller is ripe, or a major customer that should be receiving V.I.P. treatment may be left waiting in queue for lack of up-to-date customer information. To increase marketing efficiencies and combat these and other marketing problems, DataMind Corporation has created MarketOne enterprise application software for real-time marketing

MarketOne is designed to pinpoint new market opportunities in days instead of months; target campaigns and promotions to take advantage of these opportunities; run campaigns in real-time using interactive customer touch points; and collect real-time feedback on campaign success.

MarketOne scores customers at the point of business with a company as the customer contact occurs. The software also provides a feedback loop on the effectiveness of active marketing campaigns, allowing marketers to fine-tune their campaigns incrementally and onthe-fly, getting new campaigns to market faster and improving response rates.

MarketOne consists of three software modules: MarketOne DataCruncher/ ActionPlanner campaign targeting tool; MarketOne CallPoint call center companion application and MarketOne Campaign Server. The DataCruncher/ ActionPlanner tools target campaigns and promotional offers. DataCruncher uses integrated data-mining capabilities to automatically sift through large volumes of customer data to determine the best target audience for each campaign. The ActionPlanner companion tool allows marketers to capture explicit target specifications by entering simple business logic. In addition, ActionPlanner is used to specify campaign selection procedures so that multiple campaign offers can be prioritized to call center agents delivering them to customers.

CallPoint is a screen-pop companion application running on each call center agent’s desktop. Represented as a movable icon bar, CallPoint communicates with Campaign Server to determine the best offers to present in each inbound caller. Icons are then displayed on the bar to alert the agent to a selling or customer retention opportunity. Each icon is linked to a script that the call center agent can read or refer to when presenting the offer.

Campaign Server is software that runs in each call center and administers all currently active campaigns. Once marketers complete their targeting for a new promotion using DataCruncher and ActionPlanner, the promotion is moved onto the campaign server for immediate access by the call center agent. As promotions are active in this environment, Campaign Server tracks offers so that response rates can be computed on a regular, real-time basis.

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