In an English garden

In an English garden

Le, Ho Phi

This page: Karin Conradi’s affectionate 12and 14-inch bears were made from mohair, have glass eyes and Ultrasuede paw pads, and are stuffed with polyfill and pellets

This page, clockwise from top left: Elaine Lonsdale’s Pearl 7 inches was made from hand-tinted English mohair, has glass eyes, is stuffed with kapok, and is fully jointed with a wobbl-jointed head. She’s decorated with vintage ribbon braid, hand-tinted silk net wrap, and quality pearls. Gregory Gyllenship created an old-time look in Roger and Simon with aged mohair and kapok stuffing. *Elizabeth Leggat’s Soldier Bob, 4 inches, was made from mohair and is stuffed with kapok * Koko (left) is a center-seam clown. bear, while Dandy is a “blue collar” clown. Both of Ralph and Gloria Norbury’s bears were made from mohair and have shoebutton eyes

Above left to right: The Army Bear, 15 inches tall and created by Paula Cawley, was made from mohair, has glass eyes and wears an antique boiler suit with original army badges * Cheerful

Pimento, 19 inches and created by Charnwood Bears, was made from mohair, has painted eyes and Ultrasuede paw pads, and is stuffed with polyfill and pellets. Rights: Sue Schoen made her 14-inch ted from an alpaca-mohair blend.It has glass eyes and felt paw pads, and wears an old velvet-trimmed jacket.

Left: Dolly Bear and Chequres, both 20 inches tall and created by Janet Clark, were made from mohair and have boot-button eyes and airbrushed details. Opposite Peter’s Bear, 25 inches tall and created Pamela Ann Deigns. was made from mohair, has glass eyes and velvet paw pads, and wears a sweater suit. Opposite inset: Sandra Wickenden’s Devoted is 28 inches tall, was made from mohair, is fully jointed, and has excelsior stuffing, wood felt paw pads, reproduction boot buttton eyes, and antique silk floss nose and claw stiching

A special thank you to Audie Sison and Pam Hebbs for getting these artists together. I am grateful for their time and kindness- Ho Phi Lee

For more information, please contact your local retail store or write to the artists. If writing, please enclose a self-addressed envelope and International Reply Coupons, available at your local post office.

Paula Cawley 43 New Buildings Knypersley, Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire ST8 7QA, U.K. Charnwood Bears c/o The House of Bruin 4 Ashby Square Loughborough, Leic. LE1 SAA, U.K.

Janet Clark 9 Plantation Walk Hemel Hempstead

Hertfordshire HP1 3LY, U.K. Karin Conradi 21 Telford Ave. Streatham Hill London SW2 4XL, U.K.

Gregory Gyllenship Bearsden, 109 Bow Road London, E3 2AN, England Elizabeth Leggat 9 Jamieson Dr. Maxwellton, East Kilbride G74 3EA, U.K.

Elaine Lonsdale 3 Claremont Dr. Timperley, Altrincham Cheshire WA14 5ND, U.K. Ralph and Gloria Norbury 2 Hudswell Close, Ringley Chase Whitefield, Manchester M45 7UD, U.K.

Pamela Ann Designs 12 West Street Crowland PE6 OED, U.K.

Sue Schoen 9 Radmor Dr., Ton-Teg Rhondda Cynon Tag Mid Glamorgan, South Wales CF38 1LA, U.K.

Sandra Wickenden 28 Merevale Rd. Gloucester, Gloucestershire GL2 OQY, U.K.

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