Pal, buddy, comrade, companion, colleague, ally, associate, acquaintance. There are almost as many words for friends as there are sorts of sidekicks.

And that’s especially true in the teddy bear world. This year we’ve got Friends from the farmyard, forest, outback, and antarctic. Pig, duck, cat, kangaroo, monkey, mouse, or goat– they may sound like species, but to the teddy bear, they’re just new names for Friends!

Please contact your local retailer or check with the artists and manufacturers for availability of these and other pieces.

1. Deborah Stewart Bucky, 13 inches tall and made from mohair, is so homely he’s almost cute. Available to order. Contact Deborah, 978/263-6799.

2. Carol Misch To market to market to buy a fat pig … Isabelle is 4 inches long and made from mohair. Open edition. Contact Carol, 219/477-3762.

3. Carrie Rice Alley Cat, 3 inches tall and made from mohair, likes to play kick the can with the big kitties. One of a kind. Contact Carrie, 425/353-3845.

4. Cheri Sperl There’s nothing yappy about Simon the Schnauzer. He’s1-1/2 inches long and made from vintage long-pile velvet Open edition. Contact Cheri, 661/201-3008.

5. Rosey Day The ducks are back-it’s a sign of spring! This Duck is 2 inches tall and made from vintage long-pile upholstery velvet. One of a kind–part of a larger circus scene. Contact Rosey,

6. Peggy Deyle You never know what kind of mischief to expect from Mungojerrie. He’s 14 inches tall and made from German plush. Contact Peggy, 315/894-3476.

7. Melanie Clark judging by her attitude, Fluffy, II inches tall and made from mohair, knows cats were worshipped in ancient Egypt! Contact Melanie,

8. Art Rogers Vaughn, 12 inches and made of mohair, is a Dutch bunny. His brothers and sisters are available in a variety of colors. Contact Art, 314/739-8426.

9. Reiko Salto This well-dressed rabbit, Rabi, 6-1/2 inches tall and made from mohair, seems to intend her felt carrot as a gift, not a snack. Contact Reiko,

10. Elizabeth Lloyd This pretty puss is dressed up for something special. Miss Kitty is 8 inches tall and has airbrushed stripes. One of a kind. Contact Elizabeth, elizabethlloyd

11. Mary Daub “He can call me ‘Flower’.. ” Little Stink is 15 inches long, not including his generous tail, and made from mohair and alpaca. Contact Mary, 302/993-1140.

12. Alicia Quek Companions to polar bears,Arctic foxes often follow the bears across the tundra. This Snow Fox is 16 inches long and made from German plush. Contact Alicia,

13. Ethel Hughes “How much is that doggy in the window?” Freckles the cocker spaniel is 12 inches tall. Contact Ethel, 315/488-0354.

14. Cheri Fowler Nigel the Goat, 14 inches tall and made from mohair, appears to have come straight from Heidi’s mountain in Switzerland. Contact Cheri, 352/799-8545.

15. Karen Waschinski Call the Pied Piper-Quin the rat is on the loose! Quin is 13 inches long and made from string mohair. Each rat in the open edition is unique. Contact Karen,

16. Carol Hess You’ll need something more than a trap to catch clever Anthony Rat. He’s 10 inches tall and made from mohair. Open edition. Contact Carol,

17. Donna Hinkelman Zippidy Do-Dah Kangaroo is 15-1/2 inches tall and has her baby tucked in her pouch. Contact Donna, 269/944-1933.

18. Sue Ann Holcomb There’s no sleeping in when Ranger Rooster is on the job. He’s 11-1/2 inches tall by 9 inches long and made from seven types of mohair. One of a kind. Contact Sue Ann, 8 17/430-1182.

19. Martina Krahn While penguins live at the opposite pole from polar bears, they’ve always been considered pals. Father and Son portrays an emperor penguin pair. Father is 4-7/8 inches and Son is 2-3/8 inches; both were made from upholstery fabric.

Edition of three sets. Contact Martina,

20. Lorraine Young Elenore, 15 inches, and Zazoo, 5 inches, were both made from mohair and have hand– painted facial details and accessories created from handmade felt. One-of-a-kind set. Contact Lorraine,

21. Louise Peers This bewitching jester cat is named Spooky. She’s 2-1/2 inches small and made from upholstery fabric. Contact Louise,

phone/fax +44 (0)1625 527917.

22. Robin Ruinsky A zebra is so much more than a striped horse, of course.This Zebra is 7 inches tall by 10 inches long and made from mohair. Open edition. Contact Robin, 516/781-9415.

23. Zwergnase Shopping or hopping? It’s hard to know what Ortrude’s up to. She’s 29-1/2 inches tall and made from mohair by Nicole Marschollek-Menzner. Limited to 50 worldwide.To locate a retailer, contact Zwergnase, 888/859-7755.

24. Carol Stewart This tiny Mattese is only 2 inches tall, but it’s still fully jointed! Open edition. Contact Carol, 772/781-0854.

25. Mindi Koudelka Go Fetch! is the perfect pooch to deliver a little light reading-he’s only 3 inches tall. He’s made from cashmere upholstery fabric and is fully jointed. Contact Mindi, 203/466-3699.

26. Becky Wheeler Koalas may be called “bears,” but they’re really marsupials like opossums and kangaroos. Sydney & Sara are 3-1/2 and 2 inches respectively and made from vintage velvet. Contact Becky, 763/757-9548.

27. Lin Chamberlain Pookie, a Lhasa Apso made from Tibetian lamb, has a hand-sculpted polymer clay face covered with fur. Modeled after a real dog, Pookie is an example of Lin’s Portrait Pets. Special order only. Contact Lin, 260/482-8859.

28. Amy Thornton Betty Croaker, 6 inches tall by 18 inches long, is a funny, furry frog made of mohair with button joints. Open edition. Contact Amy, 262/548-0496.

29. Jody Battaglia Pip-Pip and Cheerio are a couple of circus escapees. Cheerio, the elephant, was made from mohair, while Pip-Pip, the monkey, was created from wool felt; together they are 6-1/2 inches tall. Contact Jody, 770/993-0734.

30. Donna Butts If you’re a cuddler, not a nibbler, this Fruitcake is for you.The monkey is 16 inches tall and made from mohair with a felt face, hands, and feet. Open edition. Contact Donna, PO Box 521, Oakhurst CA 93644.

31. Robin Foley For March Hare, Robin used a combination of soft-sculpture and dollmaking techniques to achieve a uniquely realistic effect. Contact Robin, robin

32. Karin DeLorenzo As real as she looks, Little Goldie really is an artist-created piece. She’s 11-3/4 inches seated. Contact Karin, K.De.Lorenzo(

33. Cooperstown Bears Cooperstown’s Snowy Owl, 13 inches, is one of dozens of realistic critters in the company’s Zoology 101 line. Contact Cooperstown to locate a retailer,

34. The Boyds Collection Ltd. A. Maxwell, 8 inches, is an old-fashioned-style rolypoly hare. His friend Rupert, 9 inches, is filled with pellets and a dose of attitude. Both are made from plush fabric. B. Fleecie B. Ewe, 14 inches, is one of several sheep grazing at Boyds this spring. C. Oinkins, 10 inches, is a Master of Disguise bear dressed as a pig. Contact Boyds to locate a retailer, TB

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