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I would like to congratulate TECHNOS and Thomas A. Hale for the article “West Africa’s Electric Educators” in the Fall 1998 issue. The article demonstrates that technology can preserve and protect culture. Too often, students find history to be boring and irrelevant. The glitz that is inherent in technology can replace dry text with living culture. The next step is to teach the young West Africans to learn the new technologies by documenting their world that is too quickly vanishing. The teaching of technology and history together can preserve what we are in danger of losing in all cultures.


Author and Disability Advocate

P.O. Box 376

Alpine TX 79831


My sincere congratulations to Dr. Joe Hairston, his colleagues, and community in Clayton County, Georgia. (See TECHNOS 7:4.)

This shows how innovative, committed educators and community leaders can work together to accomplish the impossible. Imagine adding 2 new schools, fixing and upgrading 21 existing schools, constructing 278 classrooms, and wiring 45 schools–to say nothing of raising SAT scores by 22 points. Now that’s real accomplishment! Residents are also to be commended for their justified faith and support for this win-win situation.

If only more school districts had the imagination and commitment to seek alternative funding for school needs, school reform might finally become a reality instead of a decades-long buzzword.


St. Paul, MN


The interview with Nadine Strossen (TECHNOS 7:4) was both heartening and depressing. To hear that a few voices can make such a difference gives us all the incentive to speak out, even in the face of what appears to be the will of the majority. The depressing part is that that majority doesn’t know what the Bill of Rights is and doesn’t care enough about what’s happening to follow the daily news. The place to start on that problem is in the schools. I hope that the curriculum plans Ms. Strossen mentions are moving along quickly, that they will include some instruction for the early grades as well as for middle and high school, and that TECHNOS Press will step up as a potential candidate to produce the materials.

Thanks for another very informative and stimulating article.


Communications Consultant

Pittsburgh, PA

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