Quarterly for Education and Technology: Going back to school

Going back to school – Brief Article

George Hall

I will treasure SCHOOL

the PBS series

as a glowing example

of how damp coals can be stirred

to burst out into hot flames anew.

For years on end now

I have let education

the institution

flow past me

like water gushing

down the gutter.

Of no pressing concern

since no flood eventuated

around my own ankles.

Tonight’s screened recollection

showed how our learning establishments

have risen and stumbled in Sisyphean


It served sharply to dose me hard.

Like shooting insulin remittingly

into my diabetic frame.

Sick with too many indulgent sweets.

For once. Anyway.

Our recounted follies

paired with their mocking gaffes

did not shame us

as was once their wont.

So much as taught

that when we are absolutely sure

of being perfectly right

about anything truly vital

but are bereft of an irresistible urge

to calculate every nook and cranny

of the looming vectored task

we are certain to be foolishly

and badly sadly wrong.

That’s hindsighted proof

if any more be needed

that our classrooms have been

far from perfect preceptors.

For I too was tested in many.

And routinely passed along.

Parvum cum laude.

Raleigh, North Carolina

September 3, 2001

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