NAB 2003 Storage Digest

NAB 2003 Storage Digest

David Morgenstern

Storage is vital to digital video production, from the initial recording of a scene to the later editing and distribution. Storage for all parts of the digital video workflow will be on display this week at the Spring National Association of Broadcasters convention and expo, NAB 2003 running this week in Las Vegas.

Of course, storage area networks are big news for video workflows. At the same time, camera vendors have introduced new storage schemes for video, including FireWire hard drives and even an array of SD cards.

Here are a few of the storate-related announcements:

Ciprico Shows New SAN Workflow

Ciprico demonstrated its DiMeda 3600 Digital Media Appliance and its FibreSTORE 2210 as part of a broadcast and post-production digital media workflow. The company offers several lines of high-bandwidth storage solutions and storage area networks for broadcast, post-production, film and video, media server, and digital asset management applications.

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SNS Intros New SAN-Sharing Application

Studio Network Solutions showcased SANmp, its multiplatform software application that allows workstations running with different operating systems to concurrently access information from a storage area network.

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Panasonic Shows New Solid-State Memory Storage For DVCPRO Systems

Panasonic’s ground-breaking architecture features a solid-state memory electronic newsgathering system, fully compatible with existing DVCPRO and DVCPRO50-based non-linear editing and server systems, and supports multiple video resolutions for DTV, including HDTV applications. The camcorders record on an array of PCMCIA-size cards based on Panasonic’s industry-leading SD Memory card.

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SGI CXFS Shared Filesystem Key to Digital Data IT Infrastructure

SGI this week will demonstrate solutions that put information technology to work for broadcasters, post-production professionals and broadband businesses. The SGI dataflow unites a facility’s entire operations through the SGI CXFS shared filesystem with a storage area network (SAN). The CFX filesystem is a robust, high-performance, 64-bit filesystem able to scale up to 18 million terabytes, providing secure sharing of video as data files across high-speed networks.

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Leitch to OEM ASACA FireFly

According to an agreement announced this week, Leitch will begin integrating ASACA’s new FireFly DM series digital virtual libraries into its portfolio of server products, and will provide worldwide distribution and support to the broadcast and professional video production industries.

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