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The table on the following page, titled “Goals for Public Release of SOI Information,” presents SOI’s most recent annual goals for completing the major statistical programs now being processed. Included is the month projected for release of the “final” results, in advance of publication, upon request. The table also gives critical dates preceding release dates for the final statistics, in order to clarify some of the operating constraints that explain why we release data when we do.

Overall, SOI is an annual program, and many data requirements remain the same from year to year. Other requirements, however, do change because the tax laws change, and the needs of tax policymakers in the Treasury Department and the Congressional Joint Committee on Taxation change. In addition, resource constraints, statistical processing, and administrative processing of tax returns, on which the SOI samples “piggyback” necessitate further adjustments.

While we may not always achieve these release dates (e.g., due to resource cutbacks), we make every effort to do so. This enables us to provide you, the public, with timely and accurate data.

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