2001 ZIP Code data now available

2001 ZIP Code data now available – What’s New

The long-awaited individual income tax data by ZIP Code are now available for Tax Year 2001. The most recent comparable file was for 1998 data. These data show the following items by State and 5-digit ZIP Code: number of returns; number of personal exemptions; adjusted gross income; salaries and wages; taxable interest; earned income credit; total tax; number of returns with Schedules C and F and number of Schedules C and F; and number of returns with Schedule A and amount of Schedule A deductions. The data were based on administrative records (individual income tax returns) from the Internal Revenue Service’s Master File System, which includes a record for every Form 1040, 1040A, 1040EZ, 1040 PC, 1040NR, and 8814 filed by U.S. citizens and aliens with the IRS.

The file is organized into 16 columns. Selected income and tax items are tabulated by State, ZIP Code, and adjusted gross income (AGI). The AGI class sizes included in the file are: Under $10,000 (which included deficit returns); $10,000 under $25,000; $25,000 under $50,000; and $50,000 or more.

The price is $500 for the entire United States and $25 for a single State, but the data are available to Federal, State, and local governments free of charge. A sample can be viewed online at: http:// www.irs.gov/taxstats/article/0,,id=96947,00.html.

Individuals may order these data by calling the Statistical Information Services (SIS) office at 202-874-0410; sending a fax to SIS on (202) 874-0964; or by e-mailing us at sis@irs.gov.

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