Outdoor Einsteins

Outdoor Einsteins

Robinson, Jennifer


It’s unclear whether two New York men apprehended for “thumping” trout had temporarily taken leave of their rods or their minds. One genius apparently used a stick to flush the fish out og the hiding so the other could bombard them with rocks. Their ultimate catch? Two $200 fines.


It seemed like a fair trade-one bird for another. While hunting ducks, a Boise, Idaho, hunter shot a mallard, which landed in thick cover. Looking for the duck, he flushed and shot a pheasant, though he didn’t have the required stamp and permit. He then came across two hunters who let him use their Labrador to find and retrieve the duck, told them about his illegal pheasatt, and offered to give it to them. They accepted, and returned the kindness with a $147 fine. The two Idaho Division of nsh and Game agents were out pheasant hunting on their day off.

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