Finding Heaven: Stories of Going Home

Finding Heaven: Stories of Going Home

Jordan, Regis

Finding Heaven: Stories of Going Home. By Christopher de Vinck. Chicago: Loyola Press, 2002. Pp. 135. Paper. $12.95.

From a little boy’s question about Australia comes a book that points a path to heaven by revealing the hand of God in the everyday. Christopher de Vinck answers a plea for proof of heaven with essays about the events in life that are both mundane and infinitely sacred. Heaven, we learn, is closer than Australia. Heaven is within our hearts. This book makes the bold declaration that heaven exists and offers evidence through personal stories of love and miracles, faith and family, and the discovery that suffering has meaning and that hardships can bring unimaginable grace. In this spiritual autobiography, De Vinck presents a world that shimmers with glimpses of God in things as ordinary as a pair of shoes, an old rosary, a plaster-of-Paris statue made in summer camp, and a beehive in an attic. De Vinck illumi-nates simple truths about God, heaven, goodness, suffering, and loss with reflections on the author’s own spiritual heritage, inviting readers to take a backward glance at their own lives and to discover that the path to heaven lies not in the future but in past and present moments. We are already on the path to heaven, and our memories are the stones that God drops to help us find our way home.

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