See you at the shows

See you at the shows

Scott C. Borowsky

Souvenirs, Gifts & Novelties’ staff will travel to all the major trade shows in February, including Denver, Oasis, Magic, Orlando, ASD and the American International Toy Fair in New York, and the magazine will be widely distributed at about another half dozen shows. We hope our readership audience of specialty shop managers and owners find exciting new products, including apparel, jewelry and gifts, at the shows, and use this issue of the magazine to broaden their understanding of how to achieve retailing success.


In addition to a special section devoted to toy trends, our cover article, “Timeless Toys–Toy Museum Stores Reach Across the Generations,” tells the story of how with the help of toy museum stores, today’s children get to play with the toys of the past through the purchase of replicas and kits.

We also offer a Wildlife Merchandise Report with the story “Call of the Wild–Wildlife Merchandise is On the Prowl in State Park Gift Shops” and a special look at plush in these unique stores.

Another special section in this issue is “Talking About ‘Tweens & Teens.” The feature offers valuable selling information about this demographic, including a piece on how to reach Hispanic teens.

We also offer a Marketing story on how to focus on the baby boomer customer.

Embracing Technological Change

There is a great need for retailers to use technology to create a positive guest experience. Retailers are testing concepts such as using bar codes so customers can find out the sizes available and the price within a matter of seconds. Below are some of the reasons why both retailers and customers are embracing this use of technology:

* Reduces time wasted asking questions.

* Inventory is instantly known.

* Ordering can be done instantly.

* Reduce labor costs for number of staff required as well as sales commissions payable.

* Customers can bring in bar coded coupons.

* Track individual customer preferences and sizes.

* E-mail, incentives.

* In store discounts.

* Instant payment.

* Customers don’t have to deal with bad attitude of retail staff people.

* No long check-out lines.

* Customer loyalty programs.

* Customers become conditioned after one or more positive experiences.

We hope you enjoy the issue. Please e-mail us at the address listed below with your comments, suggestions and questions.

Scott C. Borowsky

President and Executive Editor



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