Security Technology

Fire System

GE Security

The NetworX NX-8E-CF is a 12V integrated burglary/fire product for commercial applications. The NX-8E-CF provides as many as 192 zones of protection for fire and intrusion. It supports a variety of modules and accessories, including cellular backup and access control. The NX-8E-CF also supports the PinPoint addressable sensors: up to 192 points of fire or intrusion devices. It programs and operates the same as the entire NetworX family of control panels.

Surveillance System

Directed Perception

The PTU-D46 family of computer-controlled pan-tilt units enables interactive and automated detection and tracking systems. The PTU-D46 provides accurate control of speed, acceleration, and position (to 0.013 degrees resolution); on-the-fly speed/position changes to allow position and velocity servocontrol; speeds up to 300 degrees per second; payload capacity up to 9 pounds, with mounting for any type of payload, including IR and video cameras as well as microwave, laser, and other sensors; and compact size (less than 5.2-by-3.6-inch footprint) and low weight (less than 3 pounds).

Surveillance System

Sperry West

The Video Commander Extended Kit increases transmission range and signal stability of wireless video when used in areas containing high levels of interference or across long distances. The Video Commander Extended Kit relays the video signal using an interim transmission system between the covert camera and the Video Commander recording unit. The relay system allows the investigator to increase the amount of range through walls, doors, and other objects or extend the distance between the camera and the recording unit without interfering with the video signal. You can easily switch to hardwired cameras when wireless transmission will not provide a clear signal by using the additional three sections of video/power cable, which plugs directly in to the outside of the Video Commander case.

Security System

Aiphone Corp.

The hands-free JB Series open voice color video entry security system was designed for ease of use while providing viewing and communication capabilities within an access-controlled environment. When the call-in button is pressed at the door station, audio and video are activated at the inside color video monitor. When you press the large talk button on the inside monitor, the hands-free VOX communication between the door station and monitor is initiated. In addition, the system can monitor entry areas from any room station as well as provide all call between units.

Security System

Reflex Security

The Interceptor 50 is an extension to the Interceptor family. It provides the small and medium business and remote-office marketplaces with a network security solution that minimizes the operational impact and resource requirements for the end-user. The Automated Intrusion Response technology provides automatic threat detection and prevention from internal and external intrusions and from malicious activity. The solution protects networks in real time, without the need for human intervention, by identifying, analyzing, and preventing attempted attacks.

Optical Card Products


The Hybrid 2000 is a small electromechanical add-on device with an embedded microcontroller that enables standard optical drive units to also access smart-card chips for hybrid optical/chip card projects. Several countries, including Saudi Arabia and Italy, have announced national ID card systems that will use optical stripes combined with smart-card chips in a hybrid card configuration. The Hybrid 2000 enables a terminal device to access both components of hybrid cards in a single secure operation.


Axis Communications

The 210 network camera employs the ARTPEC-2 compression chip, which enables the transmission of video at 30 frames per second at the highest resolution, built-in motion detection, and support for advanced event management. The 210 is for securing offices, schools, retail stores, and other facilities over the local area network or across the Internet. It contains a built-in Web server.

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