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The company has added a phono preamplifier and a speaker selector to its Z-Series of compact problem-solver components for custom installation, commercial, or consumer audio systems. The Zphono provides a high-quality phono preamplifier gain stage with accurate RIAA equalization. In addition, the Zselect allows direct high-power connections and switching for as many as five remote speaker systems. At 1RU tall and 9.5in. wide, Z-Series products are half the width of traditional rackmount components, making them ideal in bookshelves or fitting two abreast in a standard 19in. professional equipment rack.


Eastern Acoustic Works

The new Element loudspeakers combine high levels of audio performance with robust environmental protection: IEC 60529 and MilSpec 810 ratings. Key to this is a new acoustically inert yet waterproof enclosure material, high-impact polypropylene with 40 percent calcium carbonate. The LM60 includes a soft-dome tweeter on a Waveguide Plate and a 6.5in. woofer. The LM80 pairs a Waveguide Plate-loaded compression driver with dual 6.5in. woofers.



The A-Net Pro64 ASIC offers increased data capacity and signal control and addresses the performance requirements of sophisticated audio-networking applications in studios, broadcasting, production, and postproduction facilities, as well as live performance. Because the A-Net was originally conceived for live stage monitor applications, the protocol was designed to transmit in only one direction, from the A-Net input module or distributor hub out to the performers’ mixers. In addition, the protocol was built to carry 16 channels as a way of providing users flexibility in monitor mixing without overwhelming them with choices and controls. The A-Net Pro is fully bidirectional and has increased capacity while preserving the central performance specs of the A-Net – uncompressed, low latency in a plug-and-play system.



Sabine has teamed up with Voice Technologies to introduce the SW70-H19 handheld condenser mic. This mic combines the advantages of Sabine’s 2.4GHz wireless system with the cleaner sound of the Voice Technologies condenser capsule. This capsule’s suspension minimizes handling noise, making this mic a choice for the quietest concert or presentation application. The SW70-H19 condenser mic has a crisp, natural sound designed to allow the vocal performance to come through cleanly and without coloration.

Remote Mic Amplifier


Designed to address live, broadcast, and recording market requirements, the M16 integrates directly with the new D16 digital matrix, and as many as 16 M16 units can be controlled within a single system. A remote-control option is available, through either the RM16 remote-control unit or SAM software. The M16 demonstrates high headroom throughout the whole system, as well as an extended response frequency. Each amplifier provides three active and balanced output splits, which negate the need and expense of additional equipment and space; also, each amplifier is provided with a built-in switchable highpass filter.

Signal Processor


The Orion 8×8 analog I/O digital signal processor is the newest member of the Studio Matrix family and is targeted at specific applications within a broadcast facility. Its release coincides with the version 2 upgrade of the Studio Matrix Designer application for design and realtime control of audio systems. The Orion hardware is equipped with eight line-level analog inputs and outputs. This design provides added utility for such applications as gain control of satellite chains, equalization and filtering of telephone hybrids, news and production room applications, and management of multiple microphone signals in a talk studio environment.

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