EIB vs. CIB, continued

EIB vs. CIB, continued

Randall B. Meyer

AS a long-retired soldier, I continue to enjoy reading Soldiers. It’s funny, but topics that were current back in my day are still hot topics today.

One that keeps popping up is the value of the Combat Infantry Badge versus the Expert Infantry Badge. I have both, so I feel qualified to weigh in on this subject.

I am very proud of both these awards–I earned my CIB in Vietnam and my EIB in Germany. The criteria for the awards are totally different, as they should be, but wearers should be proud to wear either one.

I have both displayed in my “I was there” medal case and feel a sense of pride and accomplishment each time I look at them. They are both equally important to me–for different reasons.

CPT Randall B. Meyer (Ret.)

Abingdon, Md.

I WAS 11B for five years, and most of my comrades and I were clear on the EIB vs. CIB issue. We all agreed that any idiot can get shot at, but there’s a lot more involved in earning the EIB.

My opinion hasn’t changed much, except in one aspect. It all depends on the situation surrounding how you got your CIB. If you have both awards, and you can look at yourself in the mirror in the morning with respect, then wear your CIB proudly.

As for the EIB being awarded for “doing the tough job of combat,” there are a lot of MOSs “doing the job” and they don’t get the CIB. I was in Iraq, and had I received a CIB, my EIB would stay put.

SGT Scott A. Smejkal

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