Bruce Alberts – Brief Article

Kendrick Frazier

* Bruce Alberts, President of the National Academy of Sciences, has praised the New Mexico State Board of Education decision to reinstate evolution in state science content standards (SI, News & Comment, November/December 1999). In a letter to Flora M. Sanchez, President of the New Mexico Board of Education, Alberts says: “I write to thank and congratulate you on your important efforts to improve the New Mexico State Standards for Science Education so as to make them more effective for all of New Mexico’s students. I have read the proposed revisions and consider them to be a significant improvement over the [previous] language… .To disregard what we know from science in any one area for the sake of political expediency threatens the basis for the rationality on which our society depends for wise judgments. And the concept of biological evolution is one of the most important ideas ever generated by the application of scientific methods to the natural world.” (NMSR Reports, December 1999)

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