Service – working vacations

Give something back to our valued public lands. Service Trips accomplish work that would otherwise go undone and allow ample time to enjoy the wilderness on your own. You couldn’t ask for a better work environment! No previous experience is required; we’ll show you how it’s done. So many projects to choose from–building and maintaining trails, revegetating overused areas, assisting wildlife researchers, and mapping archaeological sites. And the food? Expect hearty meals–the staff usually includes a cook, and many cater to vegetarians.

Santa Catalina Island Service, California. January 22-29. Spend a beautiful week on an island working with the Catalina Island Conservancy. Help with various ecological restoration projects while camping among native oaks, lemonade berries, and wildlife. Leader: Maura Eagan. Cook: Charlie Reimann. Price: $395; Dep: $50. [00440A]

Paria Canyon Archaeology, Arizona. March 10-18. Backpack the length of the beautiful and enchanted Paria Canyon. Discover and document ancient Indian rock art, Hardy explorers, artists, and map makers wanted, Small group size. Leader; Marietta Tretter. Price: $495; Dep: $50. [00441A]

El Yunque, Caribbean Forest, Puerto Rico. March 19-25. Maintain trails in a mountainous tropical rainforest, Clean and repair picnic areas, Dormitory lodging. Free days to visit old San Juan, Some meals not included. Leader: Jim Sconyers. Price: $690; Dep: $100. [00442A]

Reclaiming the Rosillos, Big Bend Park, Texas. March 19-25. Enjoy the rugged, wild beauty of the Chihuahuan Desert from our backcountry base camp. We’ll hike to old fence lines and remove the wires. Our efforts will restore the natural movements of wildlife. Leader: Lisa Mendelson. Price: $330; Dep: $50. [00095A]

Superstition Wilderness Desert Springtime, Tonto Forest, Arizona. March 19-25. Working from our wilderness base camp, we’ll reroute a damaged trail with time off to hike, explore 12th-century cliff dwellings, or photograph wildflowers blooming in the desert. Leader: Bruce Ackerman. Price: $325; Dep: $50. [00443A]

Kanab Creek Wilderness, North Rim, Grand Canyon Park, Arizona. March 20-26. The marvelous maze of canyons created by the biggest tributary of the Grand Canyon is rugged and unique. We’ll repair steep trail and explore secret spots on our days off. Leader: Deborah Northcutt. Price: $325; Dep: $50. [00085A]

Buenos Aires Service Trip, Rancho de la Osa, Buenos Aires Wildlife Refuge, Arizona. April 8-15. See the Lodge section on page 93 for more information. Leader: Susan Estes. Price: $1,325; Dep: $200. [00070A]

Archaeology in the Redrock Canyons, Coconino Forest, Arizona. April 9-15. This cultural service trip explores the redrock canyons of the Verde Valley where we’ll continue to discover, identify, and document American Indian petroglyphs and pictographs. Join us! Leader: Sue Korn. Price: $350; Dep: $50. [00086A]

Capitol Reef Backpack and Service, Capitol Reef Park, Utah. April 9-15. We’ll backpack through spectacular remote canyons working on removal of exotic vegetation, and habitat restoration, admiring and identifying the abundant wildflowers along the way. For experienced backpackers. Primarily vegetarian menu. Leader: Jeffrey Black, Price: $345; Dep: $50, [00087A]

Redrock Trails, Coconino Forest, Arizona. April 9-15. From our base camp on the edge of West Clear Creek Wilderness, we’ll improve trails amid scenic canyons, redrock formations, and forested mountains. Ample time for dayhiking and photography. Leaders: Dan Frankel and Benny Nasser Price: $325; Dep: $50. [00088A]

Wilderness Restoration, Tapoco Lodge, Nantahala Forest, North Carolina. April 9-15. Spend spring days hiking in this gorgeous eastern wilderness to develop and restore trails. Return daily to the comfort of a 1930s-built mountain lodge with home-cooked meals. Leader: Jeanne Downing. Price: $645; Dep: $100. [00089A]

Wild and Scenic Snake River, Hells Canyon Recreation Area, Idaho. April 16-22. Come experience spring along the Snake River while we perform trail maintenence. Attractions include bighorn sheep, mountain goats, elk, historic McGaffee Cabin, and river boat transportation to our campsite. Leader: Vernon Cook. Price: $345; Dep: $50. [00090A]

Easter on Santa Cruz Island, Channel Islands, California. April 17-24. Enjoy Easter vacation working on ranch maintenance from Prisoner’s Harbor to the Pelican Bay Trail with the Nature Conservancy Trip includes boat from Ventura and bunking in rustic cabins. Leader: Mary Kraybill. Price: $490; Dep: $50. [00091A]

Spring in the Grand Canyon, Grand Canyon Park, Arizona. April 23-29. Restore native vegetation at the Grand Canyon’s South Rim. Time off to hike and observe the signs of spring. Alternative projects may be at Lee’s Ferry or in the canyon. Leaders: Larry Keller and Bruce Kanarek. Price: $345; Dep: $50. [00300A]

Springtime Arches, Arches Park, Utah. April 23-29. Arches in springtime finery and cowboy cooks to feed us. From our roadhead base camp, projects may include trail work and exotic vegetation removal. Challenges for beginners and veterans alike. Leader: Linda Thibodeaux. Price: $310; Dep: $50. [00092A]

Land of the Sleeping Rainbow, Capitol Reef Park, Utah. April 30-May 6. Enthralling vistas of geological wonders are our backdrop as we maintain trails and help preserve historic sites. Cool temperatures and spectacular sunsets make this a memorable adventure for all. Leader: Paula Casper. Price: $315; Dep: $50. [00093A]

Trailblazing the Cumberlands, Tennessee. May 7-13. Follow in the footsteps of the pioneers as we help build a new cross-country hiking trail in the Cumberland Mountains of eastern Tennessee. Layover day exploring Cumberland Gap. Two nights in cabins. Leader: Douglas Hindman. Price: $345; Dep: $50, [00301A]

Ramsey Canyon Preserve, Huachuca Mountains, Arizona. May 14-19. Help continue our work on the creek and canyon restoration process in Ramsey Canyon at a wildlife preserve owned by the Nature Conservancy. Three days off to enjoy hikes and the best birdwatching in the U.S. Leader: Jeffrey Black. Price: $395; Dep: $50. [00302A]

Archaeology of the Jemez Mountains, Santa Fe Forest, New Mexico. May 21-27. In the canyon country and piton forests of northern New Mexico we’ll base camp, explore, and work on archaeological sites of the ancestoral Jemez Pueblo people (ca. 1350-1700 A.D.). Leader Jerry Meyer. Price: $350; Dep: $50. [00094A]

25 Acadia Park Service, Maine. June 3-10. Come work and play in this coastal park. We’ll work on the park’s roads and trails. Explore beautiful Mt. Desert Island by bicycle, foot, and canoe on free days. Leader Vivian Spielbichler. Price: $350; Dep: $50. [00303A]

Free the Antelope, Hart Mountain Refuge, Oregon. June 3-10. Another year of fence removal in the wildlife refuge. Enjoy high desert sagebrush while helping the antelope run free. Hiking, hot springs, gemstones, and wildlife viewing. Leader: Harry Lofton. Price: $270; Dep: $50. [00304A]

North Rim Meadow Restoration, Grand Canyon Park, Arizona. June 4-10. The North Rim offers a canyon experience away from the crowds. Our backroad camp is above 8,000 feet in ponderosa forest. In a large meadow nearby, we’ll restore land contours and revegetate. Leader: Bill Sheppard. Price: $330; Dep: $50. [00305A]

New York City Parks Service Trip. June 10-17. Join us for park work in the heart of NYC Stay at a comfortable youth hostel, with meals prepared for us. Enjoy comprehensive tours of the city and ethnic foods. Leader: Jerry Balch. Price: $375; Dep: $50. [00306A]

Beautiful Bryce, Bryce Canyon Park, Utah. June 11-17. Rebuilding and inspecting trails, spiffing up campgrounds, and planting native vegetation are the goals of this comfortable base camp trip. Combines useful work with an unforgettable vacation in this park jewel. Leader: Susan Estes. Price: $350; Dep: $50. [00307A]

25 Surf to Sky Service Trip, Kauai, Hawaii. June 15-23. See the Hawaii section on page 85 for more information. Leaders: Bob and Susie Smith. Price: $775; Dep: $100. [00230A]

Chaco Canyon, Chaco Culture Historical Park, New Mexico. June 17-24. Chaco Canyon is the center of the vanished Anasazi culture, an archaeological mystery. Join us as we assist in protecting and preserving Chaco’s fragile resources. Leaders: Karen Greif and Reid Earls. Price: $350; Dep: $50. [00308A]

Midway Sea Bird Research, Midway Atoll Wildlife Refuge. June 17-25. See the Hawaii section on page 85 for more information. Leader: Jill McIntire. Price: $2,185; Dep: $200. [00060A]

25 Bryce Canyon Through the Back Door, Bryce Canyon Park, Utah. June 18-25. Utah is a “fence-out” state. Stringing “devil’s rope” prevents deterioration of habitat and intrusion of non-native species. Fun for old friends and newcomers. Leader: Susan Estes. Price: $325; Dep: $50. [00309A]

Island in the Desert, Chiricahua Wilderness, Arizona. June 18-25. A high cool pine forest in the middle of Arizona–world class birding! From our backcountry base camp, we’ll restore trails, and hike on our days off. Leader: Mike Smith. Cook: Stephen Wickenden. Price: $435; Dep: $50. [00310A]

Midway Dolphin Research, Midway Atoll Wildlife Refuge. June 24-July 2. See the Hawaii section on page 85 for more information. Leader: Jill McIntire. Price: $2,245; Dep: $200. [00061A]

25 Goodale Pass Service, Ansel Adams Wilderness, California. July 9-19. Hike to Graveyard Lake and Devil’s Bathtub while working on the Sierra Club’s own Goodale Pass Trail. Heavy trail maintenance in the western High Sierra. Beginners welcome. Leader: Terry Sario. Price: $395; Dep: $50. [00311A]

Rio Grande Forest Multi-Generational Service Trip, Colorado. July 15-23. A four-mile hike will bring us to our base camp at an alpine lake with stunning views. We’ll eradicate non-native weeds and repair trails at 10,000 feet elevation. Minimum age is 10. Leader: Michael Burton. Price: adult $345, child $245; Dep: $50. [00312A]

Denali Park Service, Alaska. July 15-25. Imagine waking up in the morning with a view of Mt. McKinley out your tent door. Join us in Denali for rewarding work, incredible scenery, and lots of wildlife. Free days to explore the backcountry. Experienced backpackers only. Leader: Toni Wall Price: $755; Dep: $100. [00313A]

Lizard Head Wilderness, Sen Juan Forest, Colorado. July 18-28. Experience stunning vistas in this high alpine wilderness known as the “American Alps,” near Telluride. Do trail maintenance on work days and hike 14,000-foot peaks on days off. Leader: Michel Tharp. Price: $425; Dep: $50. [00314A]

Use Your Creativity to Protect a Wilderness, White River Forest, Colorado. July 23-28. Backpack the heart of the Colorado Rockies to document roadless wilderness areas through photography, art, poetry, music, etc. Results will be used in congressional testimony for full wilderness designation and protection. Leader Linda Gerdenich. Cook: Patti Miller-Crowley Price: $445; Dep: $50. [00315A]

Dixie Forest Archaeology, Utah. July 23-29. Experience the spectacular views, wildlife, and wildflowers of the high country near Cedar Breaks. We’ll do trail reconstruction, archaeological surveys, and still have time to enjoy southwestern Utah. Leader: Mike Kobar. Price: $325; Dep: $50. [00316A]

Mt. Hood Mazama Lodge Service Trip, Oregon. July 23-30. We’ll be rehabilitating an overused area, working in a cool climate from 3,000 to 4,500 feet, and having fun. We’ll work for a total of three days. Transportation to the work site provided by the Forest Service. Leader: Jeremy Sario. Price: $495; Dep: $50. [00317A]

Yosemite Backpack Service, Yosemite Park, California. July 25-August 3. Rigorous backpack to a base camp in Yosemite’s remote backcountry. Experience spectacular views of Yosemite’s famous granite mountains, solitude, alpine flowers, and wildlife galore while working on a trail maintenance project. Leader: Barb Ruben. Price: $380; Dep: $50. [00318A]

Mythic Seven Devils, Hells Canyon Recreation Area, Idaho. July 26-August 4. Come explore this beautiful remote wilderness. From our high mountain lake base camp, we’ll complete needed trailwork. When done, we’ll backpack out via a loop trail. Wildflower paradise! Leader: Kelbie Wall. Price: $380; Dep: $50. [00319A]

Vancouver Island: Lady Lake Bridge Building, Stathcona Park, British Columbia, Canada. July 28-August 5. Our bridge building on Lady Lake will involve digging holes, mixing and pouring concrete, and placing stringers, deck, and handrails across a creek. Enjoy swimming, sunset hikes, relaxing, and stargazing. Leader: Lee Bowen. Price: $440; Dep: $50. [00320A]

25 Women’s Service in the Gros Ventre Wilderness, Wyoming. July 29-August 5. Backpack into seclusion in rugged important wildlife habitat in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Enjoy a collage of colorful rocks, lush meadows, and steep pinnacles as we camp near Ouzel Falls. Leader: Elaine Stebler. Cooks: Lelia Heading & Didi Toaspern. Price: $380; Dep: $50. [00321A]

25 Skinnyfish-McGinnis Trail Repair, Flat Top Wilderness, Colorado. July 30-August 5. We’ll hike three miles to our high-country wilderness base camp near troutfilled lakes. We’ll repair and maintain the trails which access these lakes. Leader: Phil Davis. Price: $340; Dep: $50. [00322A]

Mt. Rainier Park Teen Service, Washington. July 31-August 9. Help build the last mile of the Wonderland Trail, circling this awesome mountain. We’ll work five days from base camp and enjoy a leisurely backpack on our three days off. Beginners welcome, Leader: Les Atkins. Cook: Angela White. Price: $295; Dep: $50. [00323A]

25 Four Pass Loop Trail Project, Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness, Colorado. August 5-12. From our wilderness camp between 14,000-foot peaks we work on trail drainage and erosion control. Geneva Lake, an alpine jewel, and three 12,500-foot passes are off-day attractions. Leader: John Merryman. Price: $295; Dep: $50. [00324A]

25 Panhandle Trail Building, Kaniksu Forest, Idaho. August 5-15. With the U.S. Forest Service’s award-winning volunteer program, we’ll build and rehabilitate wilderness trails in the rugged Cabinet Mountains, From meadow to ridge, wildlife abounds. Wildflowers will likely be in bloom. Leader: Duane Dupon. Price. $345; Dep: $50. [00325A]

Whitney Canoe Area, Adirondack Forest Preserve, New York. August 6-12. From our canoe base camp we’ll build campsites and portage trails in this newly acquired addition to the Adirondack Forest Preserve. On our days off we can explore Little Tupper Lake and white pine forests. Loons should serenade us each night. Leader: Lynnette Saunders. Price: $445; Dep: $50. [00326A]

25 Berg Lake Trail, Mt. Robson Park, British Columbia, Canada. August 5-16. Reconstruct trails and bridges beside glacier-fed lakes, pristine rivers, and thundering waterfalls. Camp near the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies and hike into Jasper National Park. Leader: Dan Frankel Cook: Sue Bronson. Price: $395; Dep: $50. [00327A]

Blackwater Canyon Historic Restoration, Monongahela Forest, West Virginia. August 7-14. Restore 19th-century coke ovens along the Blackwater Canyon Rail Trail. Finish work begun in 1998 to clear and preserve remnants of the “robber baron” era in the beautiful West Virginia mountains. Leader: Jim Sconyers. Price: $395; Dep: $50. [00328A]

25 Wind River Range Restoration, Popo Agie Wilderness, Wyoming. August 8-17. Maintain rugged trail near 11,000 feet in the spectacular Popo Agie Wilderness near the Continental Divide. Fish remote lakes, hike to walk-up peaks, and photograph vast vistas and beautiful wildflower fields. Leader: Frank R. Leslie. Price: $350; Dep: $50. [00329A]

Tuolumne Meadows Restoration, Yosemite Park, California. August 8-19. Join our restoration effort to save Yosemite from mankind’s chronic overaffection. Enjoy hearty doses of camaraderie, hard work, good eats, and belly laughs. The Pacific Crest Trail awaits you! Leader: Doug Pilcher. Price: $365; Dep: $50. [00330A]

Go Girl! Service Trip, Marble Mountain Wilderness, California. August 10-20. Go Girl! This service trip welcomes adventurous young women 12 to 18 and their significant female adult (mom, aunt, stepmom, etc.). Work hard, explore the wilderness, and learn outdoor skills with a supportive, fun group! Includes two days of rafting on off-days. Leader; Alison Campbell. Cook: Rachel Barta. Price: adult $325, teens (12-16) $245; Dep: $50. [00331A]

25 Exotic Weed Mapping with GPS, Routt Forest, Colorado. August 13-19. Participants will receive expert instruction in GPS outback positioning techniques to pinpoint the location of habitat-destructive, non-native plants in a remote wilderness area, Leader: Phil Davis. Price: $270; Dep: $50. [00332A]

Absaroka. Basrtooth Service, Gallatin Forest, Montana. August 13-20. Help with lake restoration on a revegetation project as well as some basic trail repair in the beautiful Gallatin National Forest. Days off we’ll enjoy hiking and fishing in this gorgeous lake area. Leader: Dan Brady. Price: $380; Dep: $50. [00333A]

Teen Backpack Service, Stanislaus Forest, California. August 14-18. Our backpack will focus on trail rehabilitation and trail building. Our time off will allow for swimming, peak-bagging, relaxing, or exploring. Recommended for 14- to 19-year-olds. Beginning backpackers in good shape are welcome. Leader: Jeffrey Black. Price: $315; Dep: $50. [00334A]

Eagle Cap Wilderness Singles Service, Wallowa-Whitman Forest, Oregon. August 16-25. Catch the spirit of “thunder rolling down the mountain,” majestic scenery, abundant wildlife and forests, and clear running water in Chief Joseph’s homeland of northeast Oregon as we work on trail restoration projects. Leader: Fred Ehrlich. Price: $395; Dep: $50. [00335A]

Lamar River Drainage Trail Reroute and Revegetation, Yellowstone Park, Wyoming. August 16-26. We’ll work trails five days and relax three in what trapper Osborne Russell called in 1835 “a beautiful valley surrounded by dark and lofty mountains.” Mountain ascents, flowers, wildlife, solitude. Leader: Conrad Smith. Price: $415; Dep: $50. [00336A]

25 Mt. Shasta Alpine Hut, Shasta-Trinity Forest, California. August 19-26. Camp, work, and explore at timberline on Mt. Shasta. From a base camp at 8,000 feet near the Sierra Club Shasta Alpine Hut, we’ll improve trails and maintain the historic lodge. Leader: John Anderson. Price: $285; Dep: $50, [00337A]

Senior Tahoe Rim Reconstruction II, Spooner Summit, Nevada. August 19-26. Enjoy panoramic views of Lake Tahoe while we work on trail or hike on off days. Our packs and food will be trucked into camp, as we hike in five miles carrying daypacks. Work will be at a comfortable level. Leader: Harriet Dhanak. Price: $270; Dep: $50. [0033SA]

25 Kings Canyon Park, California. August 21-30. Join us as we explore and rebuild trails in the remote reaches of Kings Canyon, whose granite towers and tumbling waterfalls are “a rival to Yosemite” according to John Muir. Leader: Allison Elliot. Price: $295; Dep: $50. [00339A]

Glacier Park Service, Montana. August 22-31. In this realm of glaciers and grizzlies, we’ll repair trail from our remote wilderness base camp. Amidst the towering Northern Rockies, we might also see mountain goats, moose, or elk. Leader: Bruce Ackerman. Cook: Bob Gilbert. Price: $430; Dep: $50. [00340A]

Marble Mountains, Klamath Forest, California. August 23-September 1. After hiking in five miles with full pack support, we’ll establish base camp next to a wilderness cabin near alpine lakes and several trails needing maintenance. Leader: Claudia Hilligoss. Price: $295; Dep: $50. [00341A]

Portage Trail Maintenance, Boundary Waters Canoe Area, Minnesota. August 27-September 2. We’ll canoe to work each morning and return to our wilderness base camp for a refreshing swim. On our free day we’ll paddle nearby lakes in search of loons, walleyes, and pictographs. Leader: Bill Sheppard. Price: $445; Dep: $50. [00342A]

Green River Rafting Service, Dinosaur Monument, Colorado and Utah. September 10-15. Tamarsk extractor?. Learn to use one as we help with field work for an Environmental Impact Study while rafting down the Canyon of Lodore, and Whirlpool and Split Mountain Canyons. Leader: Lee Bowen. Cook: Sherri Serna. Price: $525; Dep: $100. [00343A]

Archaeology of the Escalante River, Grand Staircase-Escalante Monument, Utah. September 10-16. Nestled within the redrock canyons of this spectacular monument, we’ll base camp near the Escalante River, record rock art of ancient Pueblo peoples, and perform trail maintenance along the river. Leaders: Pamela Meyer and Dan Christiaens. Price: $495; Dep: $50. [00344A]

25 Bandalier Monument Service, New Mexico. September 10-16. Near the headwaters of the Rio Grande, prehistoric and comtemporary Pueblo peoples have made their home. Our debut trip will connect the trails between both ancient and modern cultures. Leader: Susan Estes. Price: $330; Dep: $50. [00345A]

Regreening the Grand Canyon, Grand Canyon Park, Arizona. September 10-16. Help plant native vegetation at the Grand Canyon’s South Rim. Work with revegetation specialists to restore impacted areas with ample time for hiking and exploring. Leaders: Larry Keller and Bruce Kanarek. Price: $345; Dep: $50. [00346A]

25 Southern Berkshires vice, Massachusetts. September 10-16. Help the Nature Conservancy remove invasive plants and maintain trails in one of the Northeast’s richest regions for rare species and natural communities. Enjoy hiking, canoeing, and/or visiting historic towns. Leader: Kermit Smyth. Price: $375; Dep: $50. [00347A]

Trail and Campsite Maintenance, Sylvania Wilderness, Michigan. September 10-16. The vivid autumn colors of Sylvania’s virgin forest will reflect in its clear lakes as we canoe to work each day from our wilderness base camp. Canoe rental not included in trip fee. Leader: Bill Sheppard. Cook: Carleton Montgomery. Price: $395; Dep: $50. [00348A]

Canoe Trail Maintenance, Baxter Park, Maine. September 17-23. This service trip has it all! Canoe to a wilderness campsite, followed by light trail maintenance and two layover days with ample time to explore the area’s alpine lakes and climb Mt. Katahdin. Not to be missed! Leader: Jeff Knoop. Price: $425; Dep: $50. [00349A]

25 Mancos Valley Erosion Control, Mesa Verde Park, Colorado. September 17-23. From our frontcountry base camp we’ll stabilize topsoil exposed in recent wildfires. Cowboy coffee, Dutch ovens, and wranglers to keep us fed. Suitable for old friends or new acquaintances. Leader: Susan Estes. Price: $330; Dep: $50. [00350A]

25 Trail Reconstruction, Blue Range Primitive Area, Apache Forest, Arizona. September 23-30. This remote oldgrowth forest sustains abundant wildlife, including the endangered Mexican spotted owl and Mexican gray wolf. We’ll re-route a trail near our wilderness base camp. Mountain vistas, wildflowers, and starry nights. Leaders: Phil Davis and Bill Sheppard. Price: $495; Dep: $50. [00351A]

25 Donner Lake Rim Trail Construction, Clair Tappaan Lodge, California. September 23–October 1. See the Lodge section on page 94 for more information. Leaders: Harriet Dhanak and Herb Holden. Price: $395; Dep: $50. [00263A]

Ancient Walls VIII, Hovenweep Monument, Colorado and Utah. September 24-30. This trip offers a variety of rewarding projects among the ancient abandoned villages of the ancestral Pueblo. Magnificent vistas, knowledgable park staff, and time to learn and explore. Leader: Theresa Titone. Price: $275; Dep: $50. [00352A]

Grand Staircase-Escalante Monument, Utah. September 24-30. America’s newest national monument needs you. We will work on various restoration projects and take time to explore some of these magnificent canyons. Good time for fall colors. Leaden Harry Lotion. Price: $345; Dep: $50. [00353A]

Colorado Monument–Canyons and Mesas. October 1-7. Colorado Monument is best enjoyed in fall when canyon walls and towering monoliths are illuminated by the sun and summer’s heat wanes. Hawaiian cooking rewards TLC given to hiking trails. Leader: Bob Tipton. Price: $295; Dep: $50. [00354A]

Martha’s Vineyard Service Trip, Massachusetts. October 1-7. Help the Nature Conservancy remove invasive plants, collect seeds from native species, and maintain trails on New England’s largest and most varied island. Enjoy hiking, fall foliage, birdwatching, and/or fishing. Leader: Kermit Smyth. Price: $395; Dep: $50. [00355A]

Autumn at Audubon Canyon Ranch, Marin County, California. October 15-20. This bucolic nature preserve an hour north of San Francisco requests your help in building infrastructure and combating exotic, invasive plants. Free time for birdwatching and hiking at Point Reyes National Seashore with local naturalists. Accommodations in a rustic bunkhouse. Leader: Jeffrey Black. Price: $335; Dep: $50. [00356A]

Top of Texas, Guadalupe Mountains Park. October 15-21. Shuttle to base camp in fourwheel-drive vehicle, then hike to our trail maintenance work site amidst spectacular fall color in Texas’ highest mountain range. One free day. Leaden James Moody Price: $330; Dep: $50. [00357A]

25 Mt. Rogers Wilderness Areas, Southwest Virginia. October 15-21. Experience fall leaf change in one of the most beautiful areas left in the southern Appalachians. Based in a permanent Forest Service work camp, we’ll work on multi-use trails and other projects. Leader: Dave Weaver. Price: $325; Dep: $50. [00358A]

Santa Rosa Island, Channel Islands Park, California. October 15-22. While working on a variety of projects, we’ll experience the island’s deeply cut canyons, rolling grassy hills, and marine terraces. We’ll watch for its 195 species of birds and mammals. On-trip transportation included. Leader: Tim Wernette. Cook: Brenden McFarland. Price: $415; Dep: $50. [00359A]

Cape Hatteras Seashore, Nags Head Woods Preserve, North Carolina. October 22-28. Help the Nature Conservancy and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service with trail work, signage, and invasive plant removal. Visit the Wright Brothers Memorial and Roanoke Island’s “Lost Colony.” Observe fall bird migrations. Leader: Roger Straw. Price: $350; Dep: $50. [00360A]

First Sunrise of the Year 2001, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. December 28, 2000-January 6, 2001. Take in the first sunrise of the Year 2001. Assist local organizations in environmental projects and stay in an historic area with time to hike, swim, and explore. Talks by historians and environmentalists. Leader: Ken Lindquist. Price: $895; Dep: $100. [01400A]

Humpback Whales Service Trip, Maul January 21–31,2001. See the Hawaii section on page 85 for more information. Leader: Ray Simpson. Price: $1,245; Dep: $200. [01401A]

All Service Trips are moderately strenuous unless otherwise indicated.

25 Youth Scholarship! If you’re 25 or younger, look for this special icon throughout the Trip Guide. We’ve selected 30 trips on which folks 18-25 can sign up at reduced prices, $245 for non-Service, $125 for Service or Activist.

25 For ten special Service trips you pay only $95, and the Sharon Churchwell Fund will pay the rest. The Service Subcommittee set up this fund to honor the memory of a dedicated young Service trip volunteer leader whose commitment to outdoor experience, and to Service trips in particular, continues to be an inspiration to the leaders, cooks, and participants who were touched by her enthusiasm.

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