Egypt to Buy Used Ships From Serbia-Montenegro

Egypt to Buy Used Ships From Serbia-Montenegro

The Egyptian Navy is reportedly planning to purchase two Koni-class corvettes and five Osa I-class fast-attack craft (FAC) from Serbia-Montenegro.

Although details of the deal are sketchy, reports indicate that one Koni unit will be overhauled prior to transfer and a second unit that has been in a decommissioned status for 10 years would be used for spare parts. The five Osa Is will reportedly receive an overhaul package in Montenegro prior to transfer.

The Serbia-Montenegro Koni corvette variant is very heavily armed, compared to most still in active service worldwide. It has four SS-N-2 surface-to-surface missiles as well as the SA-N-4 surface-to-air missile, which could provide additional capability to the Egyptian major surface combatant force. The five Osa Is would provide additional firepower and commonality, as the sea service already operates its own Osa I-class FAC.

It is possible Egypt will continue to look for used vessels since it is having a difficult time in funding replacements for its existing fleet. U.S. Foreign Military Sales (FMS) programs will only cover a small number of platforms that are needed to modernize the Navy. The Egyptian Navy submarine force, as well as the majority of its major surface combatant and FAC force, falls outside the limited funding of FMS, forcing the sea service to look for the best financial deals, which include the used market.

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