Principles of neuro-oncology

Principles of neuro-oncology

Principles of neuro-oncology.

Ed. by David Schiff and Brian Patrick O’ Neill.



750 pages




In presenting these 32 chapters, Schiff (neurology and neurosurgery, U. of Virginia Health System) and O’Neill (neurology, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine) hope to provide the clinician with the necessary knowledge base for dealing with both cancerous tumors of the brain and the neurologic and other complications present in patients with tumors. The opening section, headed “Overview and Principles,” discusses such topics as neuroimaging, neuropathology, surgical management, principles of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, supportive care, neuropsychological issues, and clinical trial design. The next section provides 13 contributions discussing specific tumors encountered in neuro-oncology. Metastatic disease is considered in the following four chapters, which include discussion of the management of brain metastases, spinal metastases, leptomeningeal metastases and dural/skull metastases, and cancer metastasis to the peripheral nervous system. Finally, three chapters discuss indirect complications, including paraneoplasia, neurologic complications of chemotherapy and biologic therapies, and neurologic complications of radiation therapy.

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