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Electroceramic materials and applications

Electroceramic materials and applications

Electroceramic materials and applications.

Ed. by R.W. Schwartz.



529 pages



Ceramic transactions series; v.196


Schwartz (materials science and engineering, U. of Missouri at Rolla) presents 52 of the 225 papers presented at the Electronics Division of the sixth PAC RIM [Pacific Rim] meeting of the American Ceramic Society, held September 2005 in Hawaii. All peer-reviewed, the papers are presented in sections devoted to processing and properties of high temperature superconductors; dielectric, ferroelectric, piezoelectric, and electrooptic materials; thermoelectric and energy harvesting materials for solid state power conversion, chemical methods of preparation of electroceramics, and fundamental properties of conducting and magnetic electroceramics. A few examples of specific topics discussed include single grain Yba2Cu3Oy porous ceramic superconductors, progress in ferroelectric domain engineering at the micro/nanoscale, improving thermoelectric device performance and durability through the integration of advanced aerogel-based ceramics, sol-gel routs to nanostructured patterned ferroelectric thin films with novel electronic and optical properties, and transparent conducting properties in layered oxychalcogenides.

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