Comparative reproductive biology

Comparative reproductive biology

Comparative reproductive biology.

Ed. by Heide Schatten and Gheorghe M. Constantinescu.

Blackwell Publishing


402 pages




Twenty-six academics, researchers, and clinicians from the U.S. and Germany contribute 14 chapters on the reproductive systems of domestic animals–dogs, cats, pigs, large and small ruminants, horses–to a reference for researchers, academics, veterinarians, clinicians, graduate-level students, and others interested in animal reproduction. Coverage includes the developmental anatomy of reproductive organs; histology, cellular and molecular biology of reproductive organs; comparative reproductive physiology of domestic animals; transgenic animals; gender selection in mammalian semen and preimplantation embryos; artificial insemination; embryo transfer and in vitro fertilization; comparative cryobiology of preimplantation embryos; animal cloning; comparative placentation; pregnancy diagnostics in domestic animals; and ultra-sonography in small ruminant reproduction. Illustrated with b&w photographs and diagrams, and 68 color plates. Oversize: 8.75×11.25″.

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