CMOS/CCD sensors and camera systems

CMOS/CCD sensors and camera systems

CMOS/CCD sensors and camera systems.

Holst, Gerald C. and Terrence S. Lomheim.



355 pages




The authors explain the technology of sensors and detectors using charged-couple devices (CCDs) and complementary metal-oxide semiconductors (CMOS), which can be manufactured smaller and with less cost than CCDs but only at a cost to performance. They describe CCD and CMOS fundamentals; introduce array parameter issues such as well capacity, dark pixels, microlenses, and color filter arrays; explore the topics of quantum efficiency, responsivity, and noise sources; examine signal-to-noise ratio in terms of both radiometric units for scientific applications and photometric units for consumer applications; discuss image quality and its links to the system modulation transfer function and linear system theory; and describe different mathematical approaches to image quality.

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