Snowed Inn. – Review

Snowed Inn. – Review – hotel review

Nicole Dyer

Looking for a really cool place to stay during your next vacation? Check into Sweden’s IceHotel, a 50-room ice fortress located 200 kilometers (124 miles) north of the Arctic Circle. Each November the hotel is constructed anew from 10,000 tons of “snice”–a combination of snow and ice.

How do you sculpt a hotel from ice? Ice architects use snow-making machines to spray snice over rows of metal molds. Within two days, the frigid air–which often sinks to -40 [degrees] C (-40 [degrees] F)–turns snice rock solid, and the metal frames are removed. Builders then use ice saws to carve the hotel’s thick arched hallways, windows, and support columns.

IceHotel is furnished with sparkling beds, chairs, tables–all sculpted from ice blocks. And though the hotel is equipped with electricity, don’t expect to find heat. The rooms stay a frosty -5 [degrees] C (21 [degrees] F).

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