Land your dream volunteer job or weekend work with a winning resume

How to write a resume: land your dream volunteer job or weekend work with a winning resume

Andrea Thompson

Now that you’ve read about all sorts of exciting science careers, you might be motivated to apply for a job, internship, or volunteer position in a field that suits your interests. How do you show an employer that you’re the best person for the position? A great way to do that is to send in your resume.

A resume tells an employer what you’ve accomplished and why you’re interested in the position.

Look at the sample resume (right) to learn how to highlight your skills. Then fill in the blanks with your own experience and skills. Doing this will help you decide what to include in your resume to get your dream job.



This is where you tell employers what type of work you’re interested in. If you’re applying for a specific job opening, make sure you mention it. State your objective here:


Seeking an intern position with an aquarium. Have a strong interest in working with marine animals.

Work Experience

Include all of your work, internship, and volunteer experiences. Start with the most recent position you’ve had. Include the name of your position and your responsibilities. Don’t have a lot of experience? Think again: List jobs like babysitting, mowing your neighbor’s lawn, and so on. What’s your work experience?

Work Experience

Dog walker, 2005-Present Started own business walking and sitting dogs. Has grown from 2 to 12 clients. Feed, groom, walk, and play with dogs.

Volunteer, Rockwood Preserve, Summer 2004 Cared for injured animals and cleaned their cages. Organized product displays in the gift shop.


Don’t forget the things you like to do in your spare time, especially if they show you have a certain skill or if they’re related to the job you want, What do you do in your free time?


Soccer, swimming, running, photography, drawing, reading.

Contact information

Make sure you include your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address. You want your prospective employer to be able to easily get in touch with you.

JOHN SMITH 5 Main Street Miami, FL 33010 (305) 555-0199,


What school do you attend? Have you ever enrolled in special classes outside of school? List your education below:


freshman at Marist High School Expected graduation date: Spring 2010.

Classes at Sunnyside Dolphin Camp in Miami, Florida Spent 3 weeks at camp learning about marine science and dolphin behavior.

Honors and Awards

Did you make the honor roll last semester? Don’t be shy! Tell employers about your achievements. List any honors and awards that you’ve received:

Honors and Awards

Made the honor roll in fall 2005, spring 2006, and fall 2006. Named team captain in the local soccer league.

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When You’re Writing Resume

1 Keep it to one page: Employers want something they can read quickly to learn about you.

2 type the resume–don’t hand-write it.

3 Print your resume on white or ivory paper

4 Be neat: Divide the information into distinct sections.

5 Use action words to describe your work experience.

6 Have someone proofread it to make sure there are no errors.

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