HOT Job MUMMY HUNTER – archaeology as a career

HOT Job MUMMY HUNTER – archaeology as a career – Brief Article

Name: Johan Reinhard Hot Job: Archaeologist Age: 55 yrs Where: Franklin, West Virginia

How did you get hooked on mummies?

I was always interested in other cultures. I hunted for arrowheads as a kid. But I didn’t think of archaeology [the study of prehistoric cultures] as a profession until my junior year in high school in Illinois. I had no idea I’d ever find mummies, but I loved the idea of going on expeditions to different countries. What does it feel like to climb mountains by yourself in search of ancient ruins? You feel very much attuned to everything going on around you. You can’t make a single mistake because the terrain can be very dangerous.

But much of the work archaeologists do isn’t so adventurous. We research a culture, identify any relics we find on excavations or “digs,” record and present our research to other scientists, and teach a lot. Most archaeologists work for a college or university.

Advice for kids who want to follow in your footsteps? Take anthropology classes in high school or volunteer for local digs. Go to museums. There are also virtual archaeology tours on the Web. In college, see which area of the general field of anthropology you like and then get involved. That’s the secret: getting involved with something you love!

Archaeologists earn salaries between $35,000 and $100,000 per year. For more on Reinhard and mummies.

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