Cooool Plane – futuristic Proteus aircraft

Cooool Plane – futuristic Proteus aircraft – Brief Article

Miguel Vilar

This futuristic jet wasn’t designed to shatter speed records, but it just may improve your cell phone reception or launch you out of the atmosphere!

The brainchild of aerospace engineer Burl Rutan the Proteus aircraft is named after the Greek god who changes form because the jet does just that: it can carry a telecommunications satellite dish or transport and launch a rocket ship,

Proteus features a 17-meter (56-foot)long fuselage (plane body) and a wingspan of 28 m (92 ft). It’s stow-flying (110 mph) in order to maintain high altitudes on little gas. The plane cruises the outermost reaches of the troposphere (lower atmosphere level)–16 kilometers high in the sky. From that point a light rocket (which could carry tourists) might blast off from the aircraft into space. A fleet of jets might also improve the way wireless modems and cell phones work by carrying onboard satellite dishes in orbit above the world’s major cities. Proteus flies much lower than satellites, so cell phone and modem connections should speed up. Proteus is due in late 2000.

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