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Lorraine Rusch

Dear Dr. SerVaas:

A statement by Dr. Dale Guyer in the “Back to Basics” article by Joan Durham in the March/April issue caught my attention. It has given me hope that perhaps he would have an answer to the problem plaguing my daughter-in-law, Karen, for the past 18 months.

In July 2000, Karen took Zoloft to help her over the trauma of moving from their home of 20 years. She immediately noticed that her body movements seemed jerky … almost mechanical, like a wind-up toy. Her overall general health also declined, and she isn’t the same vivacious person she was before.

Dr. Guyer said he uses neural therapy, “which works to remove short circuits in the body’s electrical network and to restore normal function.” I would like to find out if he feels this treatment could be the answer to our prayers for Karen to regain her health. If so, she would be added to your long list of people who have been helped through your wonderful magazine.

Lorraine Rusch

Wausau, Wisconsin

Dr. Dale Guyer, an Indianapolis-area physician who utilizes conventional and alternative treatments in his busy practice, provides the following comments:

“I have seen many patients who feel as though they never were able to regain their health since starting on various types of antidepressants. Neural therapy can be very instrumental in restoring the bioelectrical alterations that can be initiated by prescription drug use. In addition, oftentimes it will be found that people do not have adequate detoxification efficiency. Obtaining a detox profile from Great Smokies Diagnostic Lab ( would help elucidate that potential problem.

“In your daughter-in-law’s case, it may also be worthwhile to investigate homeopathic antidotes to Zoloft that can be made by most compounding pharmacies. Check your local area for a physician who works with homeopathic approaches to medical treatment.

We are sending you a list of physicians in Wisconsin who specialize in alternative treatments. Interested readers can obtain listings for their areas by visiting the Web site of the American College for Advancement in Medicine at

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