Giving thanks once again – Letters

Giving thanks once again – Letters – Letter to the Editor

Helen T. Carroll

On pages 44 and 45 in the Nov./ Dec. 2001 issue is a beautiful Thanksgiving tribute to our country. Thank you so very much.

Is there any possibility that this could be made available for framing? I wanted to frame the magazine copy for display on Thanksgiving Day, but it would destroy the magazine to cut it out. It would also do away with the wonderful articles following it and the cartoons before–and we all need some good belly laughs these days.

Thanks for your writers–this work moved me to tears–and I hope they receive the credit for this essay–credit well deserved.

Thank God for all we have in the country of freedom and I know we, all Americans, will meet the challenges and be victorious.

Helen T. Carroll

Harper Woods, Michigan

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