Can you name this picture? – limerick contest – Brief Article

… contest: The Saturday Evening Post will award $100 to the author of the winning limerick for this picture. Your limerick must contain exactly five lines.

Send your entry on a postcard. Entries will not be returned. Enter as many times as you wish.

Send entries to: Limerick Contest, The Saturday Evening Post, 1100 Waterway Blvd., Indianapolis, IN 46202.

All eligible limerick entries must be postmarked by April 16, 2002.

The winner of the Mar./Apr. 2002 contest Will be announced in the July/ Aug. 2002 issue.

Our congratulations and a check for $100 go to Carol Wade Stanley of Tulsa, Oklahoma, for the winning entry in our Nov./Dec. 2001 caption contest.

They planned their winter vacation,

But not this precipitation;

It’s dashing their hopes

Of hitting the slopes,

And causing their consternation.

Our congratulations and honorable mentions go to Joan Verdeal of Arvada Colorado, and Gary Martin of Essex, Iowa, for their entries.

The skiing would be great, they were told.

So they dressed for the snow and cold.

But out came the sun

And spoiled their fun.

You might say, a “snow job” they were sold!

From the city congestion we’re fleeing

To the mountains, where we can go skiing.

But the rain took the snow,

So we’ve no place to go.

And now boredom has conquered our being.

COPYRIGHT 2002 Saturday Evening Post Society

COPYRIGHT 2002 Gale Group

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