Atlanta-based Internet service provider EarthLink Inc. commissioned a survey, asking users what they would have liked to have seen online had the Web been around years ago.

The top picks (respondents could give more than one answer):

* 65% Moon landing in 1969

* 54% President Kennedy’s assassination

* 52% Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor


One of the inventors of the MP3 format is back with a new technology that he hopes will revolutionize audio, creating super- realistic sound for theaters, theme parks and, eventually, even living rooms.

Karlheinz Brandenburg, director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Media Technology in Germany, and a team of co-developers were in Los Angeles recently showing off his new “Iosono” technology, touted as “three-dimensional” audio. It can give the impression, for example, of a horse galloping through the center aisle of a movie theater.


Robots are ready to put humans to work. RedZone Robotics, a Pittsburgh-area company that makes machines to repair sewer pipes, said it plans to hire 100 people (many of them software engineers) over the next three years to help develop and operate its robots. The company currently has about 25 employees.

Source: CNET

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