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Exclusive visit – Letters

Robert W. Jones

Imagine being allowed to visit a part of world-famous Kartchner Caverns that has never been open to the public. Imagine being allowed to take your camera into the caverns, something never before permitted.

By special arrangement with Friends of Kartchner Caverns State Park, a volunteer fund-raising group, exclusive hard-hat tours of the Big Room where the bats live from April to September are being offered. Tours are now being held on Friday afternoons at 1 P.M. and 3 P.M. by appointment only. A minimum of six people per group is required. This is an excellent opportunity for clubs, show promoters, and dealers: “Buy” a tour and reward club members who have done something special. Raffle the spots at a club meeting. For promoters and dealers, this is a great way to say thanks to employees, customers, or those special people who make life easier. Of course, the purpose of these tours is to raise funds to help develop more of Kartchner Caverns, so a tax-exempt donation of $150 per person is required. Skilled guides will escort visitors through the Big Room, the Cul de Sac, Echo Passage, and the amazing Strawberry Room, with its brick-red, orange, and pink limestone formations. All these areas are normally closed to the general public, and their formations far exceed the beauty of the current cave tour.

This once-in-a-lifetime offer will only be available through March of this year. So, act now and enjoy seeing and photographing the most spectacular and beautiful cavern ever found in America. For further information contact me at 480/585-3350 or suesjones@wans.net.

Robert W. Jones

Cave Creek, Arizona

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