Read It And Filter Sweep. – Studio-in-a-Box

Read It And Filter Sweep. – Studio-in-a-Box – book review

Studio-in-a-Box, by Erik Hawkins (EMBooks;

It’s no secret that computer-based recording, editing and mixing is now the dominant means of music production. And if you go to a Barnes & Noble, you will find no lack of texts saying just that. Well, make room for one more: The richly detailed Studio-in-a-Box: The New Era of Computer Recording Technology begins by telling the reader why a virtual studio makes so much sense, both for finance and flexibility reasons. Then, it quickly dives into products, products, products. Regular readers of the industry trades will already have an understanding of how all the pieces in the production puzzle fit together, but for the beginner who needs an introduction to digital audio sequencers, controllers, plug-ins, MIDI interfaces and the like, this is a good place to start. In an age when digital technology advances by the minute and old analog recording technologies refuse to die, author Erik Hawkins has taken a stand. This is the future!

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