Furor On The Floor

Furor On The Floor

Byline: David Downs

A dozen VJs took over the iconic 1015 Folsom club in San Francisco on Jan. 12 for a night of trash-talking, four-on-four video battle royals and luscious visuals during the first-ever Iron VJ competition. Presented by longtime San Francisco VJ-scene hub Video Salon, Iron VJ treated more than 70 MacWorld attendees and VJ aficionados to four hours of live four-way battles pitting Mac PowerBook against PC laptop, augmented with DVD players, VCRs, camcorders and even Webcams sampling live feeds.

Five-year S.F. performer VJ Suryummy took first place with a borrowed setup featuring a 1.2GHz PowerBook running ArKaos VJ 3 and a DVD player. Edirol V-4 video mixers came complementary with all four VJ stations, but Suryummy didn’t even fiddle with it on his way to victory, opting for custom, Alias Maya – built organic elements deposited into urban landscapes. “I like to play with negative space – real minimal, not filling the screen – giving a little and taking it back instead of just swamping the viewer with trippy, psychedelic colors,” he says. Video Salon’s Grant Davis awarded Suryummy a set of Edirol MA-10D speakers and a closed-circuit camera. Runners-up Satsi and VJ Luna received Lightrhythm Visuals video compilations.

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