Style: Basically, everything from pastoral cut-up electronics to the Scottish countryside to the return of evil Bill.

Established: In 1993, by Laurence Bell in London. The U.S. division was established in 2001.

Artists: Clinic, Four Tet, Lone Pigeon, Juana Molina, Manitoba, The Notwist, James Yorkston

Essential Listening: Clinic, Internal Wrangler (2001); Four Tet, Pause (2001); James Yorkston, Moving Up Country (August 2002); The Notwist, Neon Golden (2003); Manitoba, Up in Flames (2003)

Manifesto: Simply put, the label has no set ideology, no slogans across the wall. It just seeks to release and promote records by artists that appeal to the Domino team’s likes.

A&R Philosophy: Again, Domino adheres to no set rules as to what it’s looking for – only the undefinable quotient of “Is it good?” and “Do they like it?”

Upcoming: Argentinean singer Juana Molina’s U.S. debut, Segundo, is out in July, and Four Tet and Manitoba are currently on the road. Check out and for dates and cities.

Contact: Domino; P.O. Box 1207, New York, NY 10276; Web

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