Style: Electronic across the spectrum

Established: In 1995 by Richard Ford in London

Artists: Christian J, Chris Coco, Dub Pistols, Hybrid, Saeed & Palash, Way Out West, Y4K mix-CD series

Essential Listening: Chris Coco feat. Peter Green, “Albatross” (2002); Lennie De Ice, “We Are I.E” (1999); Dub Pistols, “Problem Is” (2003), Six Million Ways to Live (2003); Hybrid, “Symphony” (1996), Wide Angle (1999), Wider Angle (2000), Remix and Additional Production (2001); Hyper, Y3K: Deep Progressive Breaks (2000); Craig Richards and Lee Burridge, Tyrant (2000); Way Out West, Intensify (2001), “Mindcircus” (2002)

Manifesto: “We like to work with artists who will evolve into releasing albums,” Ford says. “You can offer so much more when you release an album: There’s more scope to experiment and take a wider, clearer picture of your take on music. The only musical policy we have is releasing music that we love. A great tune will always win through, even if it takes a couple of years! The one thing we’re against is discriminating against a tune because of time signature. Breaks, house, downtempo – we think a great record is in the sound, the production and the feeling it evokes.”

A&R Philosophy: “There is no real criteria except what’s been mentioned,” Ford continues. “We always accept demos.”

Upcoming: Check out a new artist album from Way Out West, another Y4K mix from Hybrid and more singles from Christian J. Chris CoCo and Dub Pistols are in the studio. Look out for Way Out West and Hybrid tours.

Contact: Distinct’ive Records; The Heals Building, A3, Third Floor, 22-24 Torrington Place, London WC1E 7HJ, UK; tel. 44-20-7323-6610; e-mail info@distinctiverecords.com; Web www.distinctiverecords.com

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