For Your Eyes Only

For Your Eyes Only – confidential faxing

Tired of dashing out of your hotel room late at night to pick up the latest “confidential” fax–which has now been perused by the front desk staff?, Menlo Park, Calif., has come up with a free service that makes it more convenient and secure to receive faxes on the road.

Once you sign up at, you’ll receive an e-mail, with your personal eFax number; password, and Microviewer software, an application that allows you to view the eFax. (Those on Macintosh or UNIX systems will need a TIFF viewer, eFax provides instructions on how to download that program.) Give your eFax number to anyone who might want to send you a fax in the midst of your meeting. They send you an eFax the same way they would a traditional fax, only they use the special eFax number.

The fax is routed through the eFax Service Center, compressed, protected with your password, and forwarded to your e-mail address. So you can relax in your hotel room and review the latest missive on your laptop–for your eyes only.

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