Race and ethnicity in education

Race and ethnicity in education




Race and ethnicity in education.

Arora, Ranjit. (Monitoring change in education)

Ashgate Publishing Co., [c]2005

187 p.


Arora explores the role of a country’s education system in combating racism to build a more decent, just and inclusive society, and within this context, the role of initial teacher training to achieve such goals. Focusing on the system in the UK, Arora exposes a number of troubling realities, including training institutions that claim to prepare teachers for a multicultural society yet are unable to meet the needs of their own minority ethnic students, the numbers of well-qualified teachers from minority ethnic groups who can’t find teaching jobs despite the national under-representation of minority ethnic teachers in the system, and the inability of teacher training programs to recruit minority ethnic students and staff. Arora is an education and management consultant in the UK. For teachers, student teachers, and staff in teacher training institutions, and staff in higher education.

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